Lilacs are blooming…

Happy Friday! xoxo, tracie


HeatherF1 said…
Love them so much! I wish they lasted longer in a vase!
Pamela Gordon said…
Oh, how beautiful. And the smell must be heavenly. Enjoy!
bobbie said…
Ours are blooming too ~ Heavenly!
I can hardly wait for lilac time here after seeing your jug of blooms. Do you have 'Beauty of Moscow' Tracie?
Mindy said…
Is that Korean lilac? It's a beautiful bouquet. I have lilacs in every single room of my house right now. Love, love.
AntiqueChase said…
those are gorgeous. can't grow them around here. envious!
chateau chic said…
Gorgeous!! You're blooming season is ahead of ours here in the East.
Mary Alice
I love lilacs! They smell so wonderful! I always open my laundry room window because my bush is near it, and it perfumes the whole house! I just wish they lasted longer. I am sure that you are thrilled that winter has finally gone away so you can enjoy your gorgeous gardens! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Leena
Sylvia said…
Beautiful Lilac's Tracie, and the vase is pretty also.
O, lucky you!!! I can't wait for this. Your photo is just gorgeous.

How I envy you those blooms & scent! I am just now seeing a few crocus and my dafs appeared yesterday. No tree leaves, no lilacs yet! Thanks for the beautiful image to ease my waiting for mine, lol

How pretty! You are so far ahead of our area in the garden!
awal.ny said…
How beautiful. All your flowers make me ready for gardening season. Alaina
Burlap Luxe said…
Tracy, the little wheeled cottage could be nestled in with potted plants and wood boxed plants and on most cases work, could you send me photos of this project you are working on.
Lots of love.

Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home Your bouquet is breath-taking. I love lilacs!!
Thanks so much for sharing,

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