Enjoying Spring…

I hope you all had a beautiful Easter yesterday! I’ve been enjoying bringing bulbs indoors recently! One of the greatest bargains our local grocery stores have available right now, are planted bulbs ~ tulips, hyacinth, crocus are all available at a really great deals.  I picked up these fabulous glass containers that included these hyacinth bulbs for $2.60 each. 
Once they are done blooming indoors, I can selectively place them outdoors in the landscape ~ the fragrance of the hyacinth bloom is incredible, so I plan to plant them close to the patio!  The vases can be used again and again!
I love how you can see the healthy roots ~ makes a statement on the kitchen countertop!
Curious what you are doing in your home while you wait for spring?
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I've never seen anything like this! It's amazing! And I'll be on the lookout for these now. What fun to have them bloom indoors, too! Sweet hugs!
I have one of these and I was fascinated with the root system and how it twists and turns. I agree with you about the scent, so beautiful x
Unknown said…
it's been a long time coming here on NE but spring has finally sprung! i too have been forcing bulbs indoors while we patiently await "le printemps." i hope you had a lovely easter! ;)
Love this idea! They look so cute and will be permeating the house with their beautiful scent. It's beginning to look like spring around here, I am so excited!

I like growing hyacinths on in glass jars, yours look nice grouped together.
Happy Monday, Hope your Easter Sunday was wonderful. I too force bulbs indoors, I adore their look and sweet smell. Love yours, very pretty.

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