Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 5/26/14


Definitely a favorite time of year for me ~ seeing the Roses and Peonies show their blooms along the front walkway.  I planned this site many years ago, so when the blooms happen in sync it makes me so happy!


The walkway changes throughout the summer months, but here is what’s blooming now.  Polar Joy Tree Roses, Bell Flower, Lupine, Ladies Mantle. Climbing on the Arbor is a favorite fragrant rose of mine, Blush Noisette, and on the other side is newly planted Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose. I also have violas that bloom freely in this area. Sarah Bernhardt Peonies are planted down the center and spilling out over the concrete.

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These past couple days, the peony shrubs have exploded with blooms in the landscape!  I love seeing them no matter where I look in the garden.  We are still waiting for a few more varieties to open up, but here is a peek at a few that are showing their glorious blooms! 


Thank you for popping over to see the walkway in bloom at Fishtail Cottage this week. If you want to see more garden photo’s, please check out my Facebook page! I hope to see you all at this weeks Garden Party! xoxo, tracie


ANNE said…
It all looks stunning Tracie! I'm so jealous of how farther ahead your garden is than mine...

You have a dream of a garden. I cannot even imagine the scents.

Well done with your planning - it's gorgeous.
What a wonderful walkway .... lovely series of photos. Loves Roses and Peonies!
Thanks for sharing

Eva Jorunn Norway
Jenny H. said…
Everything looks so wonderful! Congrats on a plan well-executed!
Anonymous said…
I feel like Alice in Wonderland, seeing all these beautiful flowers!
bobbie said…
Oh. Drool. Major. Drool!

You had me at your garden gate!! If it ever goes missing, it will be with me!

And then there are your flowers... YUMMY!!! I have a peony ready to plant; need to get'er done!!
I love the bouncy flouncy goodness of peonies. The way you've allowed them to spill over into your walk is just gorgeous. I have only two plants. I picked them all for a nice big bouquet. I keep saying this but, don't you love this time of year? :)
It's lovely Tracie, through the garden gate you enter a magical garden of soft color profusion. Enjoy the beauty that grows in your garden and in your sharing heart.
It's lovely Tracie, through the garden gate you enter a magical garden of soft color profusion. Enjoy the beauty that grows in your garden and in your sharing heart.
It's lovely Tracie, through the garden gate you enter a magical garden of soft color profusion. Enjoy the beauty that grows in your garden and in your sharing heart.
The perfect cottage garden~~~~beautiful! Blessings~~~Roxie
The Old Dairy said…
Everything looks so lovely, would love to join the party if you would like to see bare trees and pruned rose bushes lol. I can not grow Peonies here I try nearly every year and they never come back in the next season....
Bernideen said…
Those peonies are to die for - love them swaying over the sidewalk! Such a lovely garden!
Anita said…
Oh Tracy, your peonies really look gorgeous! Ours have just started to bloom, too. But with the heavy rain that we are currently suffer of, they look quite poor in the borders... as well as the roses.
Happy garding to you!
Best wishes
Debbi said…
always enjoy!
Abby said…
Your garden is lovely, I can see why you enjoy this time of year!
Anonymous said…
Everything looks wonderful.
Pamela said…
I lost a couple of lovely peonies the past couple of years. I don't know what happened but I found one coming up in the side garden and I am nurturing it. It was just a small shoot this Spring but I have high hopes for it next year!
What a beautiful place...thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!
Gorgeous Tracie! Your gate filled with flowers is such a welcoming sight. My Bell flowers are full of buds but haven't opened yet. One of my favs. Love your Peonies. I want to plant more. I did buy a peach one earlier this year. One night the wind blew and my old gate fell over and broke off the only bud. lol! Maybe next year.
Carolyn said…
Beautiful! Love your garden arbor.

Be still my heart! I absolutely love your garden and that gate is gorgeous. Peonies are my favorite flower next to roses. I just wish they had a longer bloom season. Mine are just out of the ground about a foot. I can hardly wait to see them bloom.
Love you arbor and garden gate. I do great with peonies, but miss my Lady's mantle and lupines who do not seem to perform in my garden. Your garden is stunning!
Pondside said…
Mmmmmm peonies and roses - be still my heart! I love a huge, blowzy bouquet in a Blue Willow jug. Your gate is the perfect foil for the roses.
Villrose said…
Favourite time - and just the kind of garden I love! Thnk you for shearing :-)
deb said…
Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!
Mindy said…
Everything looks really, really beautiful, Tracie.
Unknown said…
Your cleaning up peony blooms this week too! I planted over 30 two years ago and wow... they are lovely and messy! You are featured this week at the party my dear! xo...Brooke
I loved your post and chose it as my favorite to be featured tomorrow on the From the Farm Blog Hop.
Totally envious Tracie. It's too hot here to grow peonies and I would love to have a garden full of them. Even roses don't do too well here with the humidity. I think your garden is divine and I'm thrilled to be featuring it at tomorrow's Shabbilicious Friday party.
Tracie, Congrats! I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. I'm in love with your beautiful garden! Thanks so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!
Just exquisite :) All those peonies...and their wonderful scent...yum :)
Warratahstree said…
What a beautiful garden. I saw you were featured on Shabbilicious linky party. I just had to come see this post. How gorgeous.

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