Patio spaces…

Now that we have had a few days of sunshine, it was just too exciting for me not to spend the evenings on the patio ~ we even had our first barbeque of the season last Saturday!  It felt good to clean the furniture up and have it ready for our guests.  Swept the patio from the winter debris that the wind brought in. Wiped the dust and pollen that has accumulated on the tops of the tables as best I could, but can already see in the photo’s that it needs to be done again!  I plan to take my time decorating the patio and seating spaces this year… but here is a few photo’s for you to see.
I love this picnic table and benches we found on craigslist a couple years ago ~ it is HUGE and so versatile ~ if you missed the post, you can click here and here.

This cute little potted plant came from Ashley’s parents when we got together to celebrate the passing of the tanning bill here in washington state – if you missed that post, click here. Hot pink was Ashley’s favorite color and she loved anything from Tiffany’s and collected anything Hello Kitty so having this sit on the patio is a perfect addition to my favorite space. The plant itself is called Lewisia Storytella. IMG_1676
IMG_1767I am far from having my pots planted, but I did add a few plants to my main patio pots to get me through the next couple weeks.  I haven’t decide what accent color I will be adding this year – have you chosen yours?
This little bunny peeks out from the corner and keeps an eye on everything year round! 

He has a broken toe and a broken ear – but it just makes him so loveable, don’t you think? oxox, tracie


Love your furniture, everything looks so pretty.
Mindy said…
It's all looking really great. I'd be happy as a clam to drink my coffee out there. Or wine. :0)
I love the Lewisia. I have four now and can't get enough of them. I saw them at Fred Meyer over the weekend, if you can believe it.
how beautiful is everything and loving the updates of your gardening...and I see "my pot"! lol you make good use of it..
Nancy's Notes said…
Everything looks awesome, ready for a summer of fun! Oh yes, my favorite thing on a summer's evening is the smell of something grillin'!
I love it all. You are such a skilled decorator. I love the shabby chic style. For me, no matter how much I sweep and clean up, the wind just blows it right back. What is up with that, anyway? :) I want mine to look like yours.
So pretty! Our porch is covered in pollen,. I've already cleaned it off once, will wait another week or so to do it again. Too much work for it to come right back.
Pamela Gordon said…
You patio is really lovely Tracie. I love the wicker furniture and the picnic table and benches. The table is similar to what I'd like to have. I'm sure you will have many hours of enjoyment out there this summer.
Your patio is so pretty and most of all comfy! I love wicker. I have never had a problem with must be very annoying. I wonder why you have it and we don't? Anyway...enjoy your wonderful space!

chateau chic said…
Your patio looks like such a comfy and relaxing place to hang out! Your flowers are so pretty.
Mary Alice
Lovely patio space to enjoy this summer. It's so nice to be able to sit outdoors. I hope your winds die down and the pollen goes away. Your pots look lovely and the bunny is so sweet.
You have a very inviting patio area(s) and it's no wonder you're excited to get out there and enjoy it! My patio has been getting some use this week too ... at looooong last :) Wendy x
Unknown said…
Gorgeous space! How peaceful it must be to spend time there. Thank you so much for sharing and blessings to you,
Stacey said…
Your patio is amazing! This time of year my husband and I are spending lots of time out on our patio. I bet you are too.
Marsha said…
Your patio is so inviting! I too love those couches.
Kathy said…
Your patio looks wonderful, Tracie - so inviting and relaxing, beautifully decorated too! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,
Your patio looks so relaxing and welcoming Tracie. Thanks for linking up this week at Shabbilicious Friday
What a beautiful patio! I love your wicker furniture and that nice long wooden table! And of course the rabbit with a broken ear is all the more darling!

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