Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 6/30/14…


Over this past couple weeks, I’ve been cutting back many of our trees and shrubs ~ this has been a lot more work than I’d anticipated, consuming most of my free time.  Less rain, and more sunshine has put spring blooms in the far distance and awakening a new phase of the landscape.  Seattle gardens have certainly embraced this summer sunshine and dryer weather. 

Bee Balm and Astilbe has appeared this week…


As well as some of the daylily’s and tiger lily’s…


Some of the annual self seeding favorites have appeared…snapdragons and poppies…although I haven’t seen nearly the amount that I am used to of these two pretty blooms in my landscape – so curious why that is?


The roses have faded from their first eruption of blooms, but there is still so many of those re-budding. Morning Glory is a weed here in the Pacific Northwest that I cannot stand, but it continues to pop up EVERYWHERE, so I figured I’d snap a picture to share before I pulled this one out (again)!  I’ve pulled most of my lavender out this spring as it only lasts a few years here.  I transplanted new little seedlings that I found in my gardens to where I preferred them to be and already seeing a few blooms ~ next year is when they will be shouting out more prolific blooms! 


The next explosion of blooms that is beginning this week are the hydrangeas that I’ve planted in almost every square inch of the landscape. Many of my hydrangeas were planted in the fall of 2006 ~ they were those grocery store clearance throw away plants at giveaway prices.  Once very small shrubs, they continue to grow and fill in the garden beds here at Fishtail Cottage.  I do not use any chemicals to make them a certain color or add anything to the soil around them ~ I allow them to just bloom as they wish.  I appreciate all of colors that they bring to the gardens…



Would love to see you all link up or at least visit the Garden Party this week!  If you’d like to see where I am linking ~ please check out the Link Parties on my side bar. I hope everyone has a beautiful and safe July 4th! xoxo, tracie


Your garden looks beautiful as always. I'd hoped that my morning glory would seed itself down and come back this spring, but nothing there (not a weed here, and I love it!). A lot of the blooms coming up in your garden are timed with the same blooms here in Ontario. Wendy x
You'd never know those were "bargain" hydrangeas. They're so voluptuous and really make a statement in a garden. I love your heucheras planted beneath them and that red Monarda flower with a baby flower above it... so cute. Great photos as always. Don't overdo it on the pruning. :)
Unknown said…
I enjoy looking at pictures of your beautiful garden. So lush. I was out back weeding out the little morning glory seedlings as well. A weed here as well. I want them only in certain spots. They climb the arbor with the rose and mingle beautifully. A riot of red rose sprays and teeny lavender morning glories.
Happy new week.
Hugs, Gee
Stacey said…
I would love to hang out in your garden. Everything looks so pretty and fresh. It's getting super hot here now and some of my annuals are already about to poop out. When it begins to near 100 degrees there's no amount of water that keeps some things happy.
GORGEOUS!! LOVE that first shot!!
Always a treat to tour your garden Tracie! I have been cutting back like the dickens. All of my poppies, Jupiters Beard, Salvia, and Bell Flowers were cut back and the garden doesn't look nearly as full. Thank goodness the Hollyhocks and Cone flowers and some shade plants are putting on a show. I laugh because I love Morning Glory. Just love that wild look!
Rock rose said…
It seems most of a gardeners' work is keeping all those exuberant plants in check. What a gorgeous bee balm and those grocery store finds-your lucky day. How can you manage to grow both colors of hydrangea?
Unknown said…
Somehow I missed the garden party this week. Oh well, next week.
As for your hydrangeas - jealous!! I have white ones, but the pink don't seem to do very well in my garden. I keep holding my breath that they will bloom and they rarely do.
Larry said…
So very lovely.... your attention to detail is its own reward! We appear to be past the worse of severe weather that has frequented us for weeks... I'm hoping for a bit of drying out and this week is to be in the 70's.... perfect for catching up a bit with many loose ends about the gardens. As always, your gardens are superb! Larry
Your gardens are lovely and I love the whimsical statue tucked in among the blooms. Your lillies, astilbe and hydrangea are beautiful! This was such a nice visit!
Tracy that white morning glory is bindweed...I have planted regular morning glories over the years but one year bindweed started here and there and I know what you's awful.
Rachel Uchizono said…
Your garden is so beautiful! I love all your flowers! Morning Glories turn into monsters in Laguna, too!
Mindy said…
I love your garden update posts. So many beautiful photos.

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