Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 7/28/14…

Did you miss me last week?  What an amazing summer it has been so far!  Seattle temperatures have been in the high 80’s, we did have two days of rain last week that made absolutely every hydrangea and shrub droop to the ground. So I gave the garden a break for the week and waited for the blooms to perk back up before sharing new photo’s!  Hope you enjoy seeing what is blooming this week here at Fishtail Cottage!


Tiger Lily’s have bloomed and are filling up the garden area with their amazing fragrance!  I love these gorgeous flowers because they remind me of my sweet friend Ashley! You might remember this post I shared last year about a text between Ashley and myself about her one of her favorite flowers I could plant in my garden honoring her ~ so seeing the Stargazer Lily bloom this week is definitely heartfelt!


The blooms of the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea have not quite turned as I thought they would since I posted about them two weeks ago…maybe the rain held them off from turning as quickly as they did last year?   Although I was able to spy one or two blooms so that I can at least share a photo of the colors turning! 


Our pondless waterfall is such a tranquil feature in our garden landscape.  I love sitting out on our patio and hearing the splashes and watching the birds hop in for a bath and a drink! I am careful to select and place cement or cast iron statures here and there ~ below are two of my favorites near the waterfall that I we enjoy seeing while on the patio.


I see that some of the plants that require the hotter temperatures and dryer conditions have popped this week ~ the beautiful hardy fuchsia's and crocosmia ~ the hummingbirds just love swooping in to visit these flowers.


Roses are also so happy to be sharing their beauty…this heat we are experiencing keeps the disease of black spot and mildew at bay! So no complaints about my roses and their maintenance this time of year!


Heuchra (Coral Bells) are re-blooming giving the hummingbirds another excuse to the visit the garden ~ Coneflowers are fully blooming as is more of the hollyhocks along side of the house!


Don’t you just love the view from the patio I get to see every morning?


Hope to see you share your garden posts to this weeks Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage!  xoxo, tracie


Carole West said…
Very pretty pictures - Really enjoyed walking through your garden. An extremely beautiful space. -Carole
I think I lost my comment! I think I said your garden looks spectacular! Love th waterfall...I could never have a pond, so much work!! And the fuchsia. Is that a perennial for you? We have them in baskets here but as annuals.

Jane xx
So beautiful! Love those soft blooms have turned from blue to green in our southern heat. Thanks for sharing. Hope to join you during your garden party!

Ciao bella,
My oriental lilies are blooming too. Don't you just love their scent? My plants were awfully droopy too but they've perked back up with the sunshine. Beautiful photos as always, Tracy. Have a great week.
awal.ny said…
Your gardens are just amazing. I love the picture with the bench and hydrangeas. I have been working so much overtime at work my gardens are badly neglected. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina
ANNE said…
I love your garden Tracie! Happy AUgust - OMG!!!!
Unknown said…
Your harden become me to come and see, smell and touch.
It has been a HOT and dry month of July for us here in North Central Florida.
The day lilies are fading out, and the roses are still blooming beautifully. They as yours are , are enjoying the lack of rain.My Hydrangeas have turned a pretty chartreuse and I have some lavender ones as well. Such a change from the beautiful blue we started out with

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