Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 8/25/14…

The weather has certainly been amazing this past summer here in Seattle! We have begun to prepare our gardens for fall by beginning the process of cutting everything back. This past week ~ I found myself eliminating the spent blooms on astilbe, hydrangeas, phlox, heuchra and significantly cutting back my rose shrubs. Of course leaving many blooms to still enjoy! We are also prepping our picket fence in the front yard for a fresh coat of paint!  As you can see in the photo’s below it is very weathered…as much as I love the look of tattered wood, I know painting it will keep the wood from rotting for years to come!


One tattered look I’m loving are these succulent filled bird cages that I shared with you earlier this summer.  A fun project I put together after seeing some Pinterest inspiration.  I am surprised at how slow growing the process of these succulents are in these cages, but also really enjoying seeing them finally poke out of the wire sides.  If you missed that original post, you can check it out here.


Here are just a few photo’s of my favorite flowers in bloom right now! Still blessed with the ever so gorgeous roses, Four o’clock clover, and the flowers of Heather are beginning to appear.


Because we are painting the fence soon, I am about to start cutting back these Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas a little earlier than normal ~ so I thought I’d show you one last time the glorious blooms they give the front of Fishtail Cottage.


One last thing I’d like to mention, I decided to finish out the garden season by going back to my own Garden Party that I host on Thursdays.  I hope to see you share your post this Thursday 8/28/14!  xoxo, tracie


Your gardens are gorgeous, thank you for sharing them with us! I am in awe of that hydrangea, so beautiful. I have never had much luck with hydrangea and I love it so. I've kept my current one alive and it has healthy green leaves but no blooms. Enjoy yours!
xo jonni xo
GORGEOUS!! Lucky you to have so many beautiful hydrangeas to bring in and dry!
Spectacular hydrangea! I almost purchased that variety this year, but we were already into June. I feared it would not tolerate planting in the midsummer South Georgia heat After seeing yours...I wish I had taken the chance! So pretty!
Bernideen said…
Your yard looks wonderful!
Lucy said…
You are very fortunate to own a lovely home.
Unknown said…
It must be hard to think that you'll be cutting back the hydrangeas. But, oh, the possibilities for all those blooms!
Glad you're going back to the Thursday party - I kind of missed the feel of sharing with you.
What a beautiful home and garden you have! Those strawberry Hydrangea are gorgeous. Do you dry them? Glad you are going back to your party. I'll be there!
Sara Chapman said…
The garden looks gorgeous. Love those luscious pinks!

I'm still confused about the Garden Party linky, though. What's the link to the Thursday one? What link should I use to link back? I don't use badges.

Please email me at sara AT

Thanks! Sara
Mindy said…
So beautiful. It would be hard for me to whack all those gorgeous flowers. But the fence will be shinin' with fresh coat of paint!
Gorgeous home and garden. I dream of having a cottage garden. All your flowers are lovely. I love the arbor gate and the weathered look. The bird cages are cute too. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post! :)
Anonymous said…
Simply amazing! Your garden is always breathtakingly gorgeous. Anyway, I like the close-ups of your summer blooms. Those firebird cages as planters is a wonderful idea. Though it's a shame that you had to cut some of them off early. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures and landscaping inspirations! I hope the garden party was a success!

Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping
LOVE your garden gate! Your hydrangeas are so beautiful. Please post what you do with all those dried hydrangeas…I've been on a hydrangea-drying kick this year! :) Thanks for sharing and for hosting a great garden party!
You are drying those lovely hydrangeas I hope! I love the succulents peeping out from the cages.

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