Fishtail Cottage’s Garden 9/29/14…

Whenever the Terniflora clematis (also known as Sweet Autumn) is in full bloom in our garden, I know that fall is under way! After all of the blooms have come and gone, I cut this glorious climber all the way to the base and it returns the following year.  I am amazed how it  comes back so prolific year after year. 


This year, it almost looks like its about to fall off the back side of the arbor with all of it’s massive fragrant white blooms…


I’ve been on vacation this past week and because of all of the rain the Pacific Northwest has received, I came home to an overgrown jungle in some areas of the garden.  I’m noting a mental list as I took these photo’s today to share with you. 


The roses still have some pretty blooms to share with you!


…along with Heather, Snap Dragon,  and the pretty blooms of the Japanese Anemone!


I hope you are enjoying seeing the last of the summer season garden blooms too!  I look forward to seeing your posts this week at Fishtail Cottage’s Garden Party! xoox, tracie


bobbie said…
OMGosh!!! that clematis is AMAZING!!! I'll bet the smell is heavenly!
Bernideen said…
Just fabulous and what a great show!
Love the Sweet Autumn! Amazing! Welcome back :)
Your clematis is beautiful. Love your garden pictures.
Have a wonderful day
Junkchiccottage said…
Oh how beautiful the clematis are. Everything looks so pretty.
I am so happy to see this post! I have the sweet autumn in my garden and this is the first year it has bloomed! I trained it on a tall arbor and it looks wonderful! I didn't remember what it was called so thank you for featuring it. Mine is not quite as huge as yours. Too afraid to cut it back but maybe I will if it grows that much more.
OHMYGOD< THAT IS INSANITY! are those clematis on steroids?? ohhh sigh, how beautiful is everything. I just finished hours of planting.....just cleaned up my herb bed, added fresh compost, paper, straw mulch and herbs, no flowers here, not for us. I love seeing your garden though! :D
Stacey said…
Tracie, I'm loving that clematis! It's huge and beautiful. I bet the bees and butterflies just love it. We had several varieties of clematis at our last house but I haven't planted any here yet. Must do that!!
Your flowers looks wonderful! and I cannot believe how big your clematis!
Your Sweet Autumn Clematis is amazing and so beautiful as are the rest of your blooms! I can imagine the sweet fragrance you must wonderful!
I am totally in love with that Sweet Autumn Clematis! I need to find out if that will grow well here in Maryland.
Hi Traci, Well that sure went fast, didn't it? Can you believe it's fall already? I'm sorry I didn't make it to your last party but thank you for the invitation. I really enjoyed seeing photos of your garden.

As much as I love your clemmy, I was smitten with the Japanese blood grass planting on the side of the pathway. Very nice, and very nice flowers too. Happy fall.
Mindy said…
That Clematis is nothing less than a sight to behold.
I, too, noticed the Blood Grass. Beautiful. I put a piece that I got from my sister's plant in my hell strip and after only a couple months, could tell it was going to be naughty about spreading. So I dug him up and put him in a pot for my porch.
I love, love, love that Japanese Anemone. I'll be moving my pink and lavender ones to more sun next spring. My white one right now is outdoing itself in the bloom department. I just love them.

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