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Little Farmstead featured a tour of my home and gardens last week ~ and I want to share it all with you! Julie did such an outstanding job of the way she featured our home! If you missed it, please click here and take a peek! It was fun for me to see my home/gardens through the eyes of someone else!

xoox, tracie


Wow, Tracie, I learned so much about you in that post. I love your attitude on family and home, and I love your home and garden. It really does speak volumes to have a comfortable place where family wants to be. I come from a big family (8 siblings), and all the nieces and nephews, while they don't have big families, all very much appreciate the ties that bind all us crazies together. I'm the youngest, and I host Christmas each year for any and all who are in town. I also love gardening, and your garden is just wonderful. I so appreciate you sharing this today. Happy Fall!
Rita C at Panoply
My Cozy Casita said…
Hi Tracie, Congra I love your lovely Home and Garden is like dream Home so
Happy Fall!!!!
Loved the tour!! Always love seeing your beautiful home!
Hi Tracie ~ It was a pleasure to feature your home tour. Your design style, gardening expertise and sweet thoughts on your family were all inspiring! xo
What an amazing, warm and lovely cottage home and garden! I love the tour and felt very welcome. What a beautiful sanctuary to come home to, it's a blessing. Thank you for sharing Tracie!
Mindy said…
You have SEVEN kids!?!?! How did I not know that? My crazy life with three sounds like nothing now. :)
Have just been over to the post about your house. It is wonderful. Well done and many blessings from South Africa
Faded Charm said…
Lovely tour of your beautiful home...♥

Your home and cottage gardens are so beautiful and inviting. I also loved the story behind how your gardens evolved over time to be what they are today...lovely!
Loved reading this interview Tracie! I feel like I know you a little better. I have the same feeling about my home ... the desire to create a safe and warm sanctuary for my family. Thanks so much for sharing. Featured you and Julie at our party this morning!

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