Drying Hydrangeas…

I’ve tried so many different ways to dry hydrangeas so that I can savor them inside my home during the winter months.  However, it seems that no matter what I do, I just can’t get it right!  They are so beautiful and have seen people make some beautiful bouquets with them ~ so if you have any tips, please share your secrets with me so I can try again next year!
xoxo, tracie


bobbie said…
I don't have any tips for you, but I can't wait to see what advice you get! I've never have much luck with them either ~
Unknown said…
All I do, and I have been very successful with this, I cut them , remove extra leaves and place them in a vase of water and leave them. THAT'S it. The water dries out and the mop heads right along with it. Most times I have to toss a bit of water away as the blooms have already dried . Then I just arrange them all over the home... on wreaths, with pumpkins...
Good luck. I have heard of hanging upside down in a dark place... nope!!! They dry all squished up and look weird. The way I do mine, the look the same as when they are fresh.
Hugs, Gee
Unknown said…
I've done the same thing as Gee Singh Newbanks and it does work. The color doesn't stay the same, but they're still pretty.
I do the same as the last two gals. I failed so miserably many times before. I cut them (try to wait until they are not so fresh, just getting old and stiff, the color is better then, too). Then an inch of water is perfect. Let the water dry up. This works for peonies and lilacs as well. Good luck!

Jane xx
The thing is hydrangeas usually bloom twice a year. The spring blooms will die if you try to dry them this way. Its the fall blooms which can be preserved by leaving them in vases. I hope that helps. I do this all the time, as a florist I learned this years ago. Especially the blues, my favourites, in the fall will dry nicely and not shrivel up. Is your garden party finished for this year? sad. :-)
Wow Tracie, they sure are gorgeous in your Olive bucket! I do what the other ladies do, but have never added the water. Maybe I'll try that this year. I just pick them and put them in a pitcher to dry. I don't have any of the gorgeous large ones like yours. Mine are Limlights and Str. Vanillas. My Limelights dry nicely though and I made a wreath and have my olive bucket filled with the blooms. The last two years I just let them dry on the Limelight tree and then picked them. They are brown, but I love the vintage look!
Debra Howard said…
I have never tried it but I am very interested how it turns out! Keep us posted.
Anonymous said…
I have the best results when I dry my hydrangeas in Autumn. I just arrange them in a vase (no water needed), The color fades a bit as they dry, but they look lovely all winter long in baskets, crocks, and pitchers throughout the house! ♡Dawn

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