Mooseberry Soap…

Recently I was contacted by Mooseberry Soap Company and asked to try a couple samples of their handmade soaps.  Now I need to tell you that I am a bit obsessed about what I use on my family’s skin – as anything we put on the outside of our skin goes directly into our bodies transdermally. So I had to do a little online research before I said yes to trying this product.
I saw on the Mooseberry Soap Company website – that the soaps and body care products are organic! Made with sustainable oils, pure earth clays, natural powders, herbs and spices. The bars last longer, creams refresh and smooth the skin and scrubs exfoliate and wick away dead skin naturally. I liked the sound of what I was reading and agreed to try the product.
IMG_6754Within just a few  days I received a brochure along with samples of Raspberry Mint Garden Soap (An earthy, herbaceous soap that deep cleans. Washes away dirt and grime; natural seeds, berries and clays for extra scrubbiness. Raspberry Seeds with Mint and Crushed Walnut, a touch of vanilla. Great in winter to wick away dead skin; Also good for summer gardening) and  Flea Soap  (soap bars last longer, creams refresh and smooth the skin and scrubs exfoliate and wick away dead skin naturally) to try on our three shih tzu’s!
My husband and I tried the Raspberry Mint Garden Soap over the weekend and loved it.  We both agreed it had just the right amount of suds and the natural exfoliates in the soap left my skin feeling soft and nourished.  The red color in the soap made me a little nervous to use on my white wash clothes, but it rinsed right out! 
IMG_6775Our dogs have sensitive skin as well and seemed to be just fine after a good scrub with the flea soap! I’m used to using liquid soaps when washing their coats, but it worked just fine.  They smell clean and the soap left their coats soft and fluffy! As we haven’t had any problems with flea’s or ticks, I’m sure this will help keep them at bay since this is the time of year that most pets are effected by those pesky bugs!
So would I recommend this soap, you bet! The website is super user friendly too – you can go visit and browse by clicking here!  Please let me know if you end up ordering anything ~ I’d love to know what which is your favorite!  xoxo, tracie
For a limited time, a coupon code for Fishtail Cottage readers has been set up, just type “15off” at check out. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Mooseberry Soap too!


Hi Tracie, the names alone sound luscious! I can't use a lot of scented soaps because they burn my eyes. I wear unscented lotions and no longer can wear perfume. Do they have a strong smell? Wanted to hop over and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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