Fishtail Cottage Garden 3/2/15

Still feeling the excitement of spring blooms here at Fishtail Cottage!  Seeing color continue to appear from the dark and dreary winters dirt is so incredible!  I still can’t believe how this mild winter we have had here in Washington State has allowed the garden to progress almost a month earlier than last year.  I’m pleased to share with you what has appeared in the gardens since my last post!

White Flowering Current is attracting our native hummingbirds.  One of my favorite shrubs in the garden.  My pink ones are not even close to budding out (yet) but the white one is so satisfying for now.


This week fragrant hyacinth and yellow daffodils are added to my list of bulbs that continue to burst in the landscape.


Remember I shared in my last post about Camellia's appearing in the gardens, well this tree has exploded in blooms – already starting to drop spent blooms.  I transplanted this Camellia from our previous home and have enjoyed watching it grow here at Fishtail Cottage.


The Candytuft is planted along the area between my rose terrace and grassy area and used to be so prolific when it would bloom in the past.  It still looks pretty, but the blooms certainly don’t put on a show of flowers like it used to.  Anyone feel that after your Candytuft has been in your landscape? IMG_8634IMG_8635

Impatiens Omeiana is popping up all over ~ I know I planted this a few years ago, and it has certainly taken off this year, the pretty reds and yellows in the foliage add a pretty contrast to the landscape.  I’ve never seen flowers on this plant, but I read it’s supposed to have yellow blooms appear on it.


Other spring blooms that I look forward to and are definitely some cottage garden favorites is the Brunnera “Jack Frost” and my eclectic varieties of Lungwort…I just love these whimsical flowers!


Thank you so much for coming over and seeing what's blooming here at my place!  xoxo, tracie


So pretty Tracie! So glad the spring came early this year. Isn't it amazing how we can almost get used to a wintery, barren yard and then it's like Christmas come spring! :) Enjoy and let's grab coffee or lunch soon!!
Beth said…
The white currant is very pretty. Is now on my must buy list!
ANNE said…
Oh you tease!! and me with 8 inches of fresh snow having just fallen today. Thanks for the lovely photos!

Sue said…
I always love, love, love your garden. I moved last June to a great house that I've been working on all the flower beds. I can't wait for Spring, although some of the flowers are already doing great!!

Take care,
Sheila said…
You give me great ideas for my garden! I live in Puget Sound area.
Your garden looks so pretty in early Spring, and I am happy for you. BUT, this is killing me cause its so cold and snowy here, no sign of life what so ever! But you photos give me faith Spring is coming!
Lili said…
Really nice!
Spring is in the air!
Unknown said…
You have some wonderful flowers everything is blooming and looking lovely.Thanks for sharing we in Okla. are still cold and damp.
Barbwire Pretty said…
Thanks for r sharing your lovely flowers with this frozen Canadian.still snowing but spring can't be far away.
Mindy said…
I love seeing other gardens in my own neck of the woods. My blue lungwort is just starting. And I'm SO excited, I just planted my first current. It's going to be pink and will have pink fruit even! Your white one is gorgeous. Happy gardening!
So many lovely blooms! I am in the foothills and things are just a bit later, but we are catching up. Hasn't this been such a beautiful winter? I love your white current :) xo K
I am so jealous!!!
It snowed here yesterday... but, the sun is shining today. I can hardly wait till spring.
Your photos are beautiful and encouraging. Can't wait to post some of my own at Cottage Garden Party. Looking forward to it.
Hope all is well.
Luv, Luv,
CatieAn said…
oh your flowers are so pretty. Over here in Spokane we are at east a month ahead but nothing past the bud stages yet. It is still beautiful and sunny

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