Fishtail Cottage Garden 3/30/15

This week the tulips have begun to opened up in our landscape – but to be honest only a handful have returned. Most of the tulips are only showing the green foliage – so this weekend while cleaning up a few of the beds, I couldn’t help but start to dig up the tulip bulbs to store them for fall planting this year. The ones that are blooming are certainly beautiful!


Over the weekend I focused on a few much needed garden bed areas that needed attention – one being the front garden.  Last fall I pulled up everything out of this area so that I could start clean this spring.  I decided to plant Halcyon and Gold Standard Hostas along with my favorite Cottage Perennial the bleeding heart of the garden.  Now any time I plant an area of the garden – I know that it will take a couple years to get this area established to what my future vision is.  I know that this area will be fill in with the English Bluebells, Sweet Woodruff and other seeds that scatter on their own. I love the look of an organized yet whimsical cottage garden.


On the other side of the fence is where I focused more of my attention – I had removed a huge mock orange and a “Belle Isis” rose that has decided to ramble its way through this area and comes up wherever it’s runner desires.


It was a pretty rose, but I didn’t like that it only bloomed once and also that it was taking over this area choking out very carefully placed plants. I know it doesn’t look like I have organized chaos in my garden but I definitely do! I ended up digging up more roots of the Belle Isis Rose and planting a few more white bleeding hearts and peonies. 


I will plant more blooming perennials as they appear in the nurseries! I am on the hunt for a “Keiko Peony” for this area, Lupin, Poppies, Guara.  My only color right now that I have in this area is the beautiful Hino Crimson Azalea to share!

A couple spots in the garden that I am happy to share the beauty that is appearing is my front walkway with the explosion of Bleeding hearts next to my fountain.


The backyard patio and walkway area is one of my favorites!  Seeing several trees and shrubs budding out. Its just so amazing seeing everything waking up on a daily basis! A lot of green right now, but in a few short weeks more and more colorful blooms will be appearing!


Happy to share it with you! Thanks for coming over and visiting – xoxo, tracie


Sylvia said…
Your garden is beautiful! It hasn't gotten warm enough to work outside here yet. Flowering trees are blooming.
Oh my word your walkway to your backyard it to DIE FOR gorgeous! WOW!

I LOVE to see all your new life in your garden. It's still cold here and snowed a few days ago...but didn't stick...spring is coming.....

Have a wonderful week.
I always love to see your gardens Tracie, they're definitely inspiring!
Unknown said…
I love your yard it is beautiful.You are giving me ideas for mine but,i doubt mine will ever look that good.Thanks and have a great day in your garden.
Everything is coming up just lovely, Tracie and I ADORE those bleeding hearts! Wish I had a green thumb like yours. Happy spring!
Mindy said…
Everything is looking gorgeous! So what's the remedy for the tulips? I had a lot just put out green this year, too.

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