Blogger Issues....HELP?!?

Hi there! i'm trying to upload blog posts from Microsoft "Live Writer".....although when I try, I get this message.

Has anyone else had this same issue?  Any suggestions? I have a fabulous garden post with the front walkway to share this week and I can't connect with blogger...

xoxo, tracie


So sorry I haven't seen this. It is so frustrating. Di@ cottage wishes
LV said…
I have not seen this, but I have not tried to use this program either. I know nothing about the computer functions to help.
I saw on a couple of other blog comments that it was also happening to them. I always just post thru blogger. super easy. I've never used live writer. have you tried just doing it the old school way?
Thank you so much for commenting... I haven't been getting my comments emailed to me to reply either ... I hate tech changes when I have things figured out!
Thank you for commenting - so strange...I had a good little thing going! Now I need to learn something new...
Mindy said…
I go straight through Blogger as well, and know nothing about the Microsoft program you're using. Blogger issues are the WORST. I feel your pain. Good luck!
Haha - I learned to blog by using live writer so I've never known another way - sounds like I need to learn how to do things differently, I'm not good at changing, but I'm sure I'll figure it out! I haven't seen comments either as they are usually sent to me via email. Thank you for commenting and sharing I'm not the only one. I'll plan to play on the computer tomorrow and hope to still do a garden post this week! :) xoxo
So you just go into "new post" and write and upload pics there? Or is there something special you do?
I just post from blogger as well. "New post" and u plaid photos and add my text from there. Good luck!


Ps. My comments don't always make it to the bloggers I'm commenting on so we'll see if you get this! :/
Yikes typos!! "I upload photos".
A fellow Canadian is really cheesed about live writer not being compatible with Blogger anymore. I have always written directly on my blog Tracie.
Top right corner - new post - enter your text, upload and insert the photos where you want them. A disadvantage is lack of fonts compared to live writer.
Technology changes are hard to adapt to, makes one wonder why this one was even made.

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