Fishtail Cottage Garden 6/15/15

This week is somewhat of a transitional week ~ our temperatures in Seattle have been in the high 70's for several weeks now with very little rain.  We are not seeing rain and I am spending my evenings hand watering to make sure newly planted flowers will have plenty of water so that their roots may get established...but it seems no matter how much I water, the dirt inches below the soil is bone dry. Right now I am seeing blooms that normally wouldn't be due weeks from now and giving extra 'tlc' to plants that normally would be fine on their own this time of year.  However, the colors of yellows and reds and greens are so vibrant right now - so no complaints!

Pictured below is the gorgeous Lady's Mantle in bloom along with St. Johns Wart.  

Poppies - never enough poppies in the garden...although this year I only have a few that have appeared.  In years past I have sold my seeds because I've had so many poppy pods and in different colors, this year I only have a few of this pink one.  Time to start collecting seeds again for the garden... All stages of the poppy are just beautiful to me!  

I'm embarrassed to show you my archway that hosts the climbing Colette Rose. I cut it all the way to the ground last fall because it was so full of disease and had become extremely "leggy". I had hoped my leap of faith would be a success story and so far it looks as thought it just may be beautiful once again.  But for now this is what I will show you - if you don't have this one in your garden, it's worth finding - the blooms are to die for and the fragrance is amazing! 
On the other side of the archway is this 'Souvenir du Capitaine Thuilleaux' clematis.

A few hydrangeas have begun to bloom which is just crazy to see this early, but I am going to embrace these beautiful blooms. This pink one was given to me at Ashley's memorial and seeing it blooming in the garden makes me smile!

Butterfly favorites ~ Lavatera, and Yarrow appeared this week!

 & it wouldn't be my garden blog post without a few favorite rose photo's to share with you!

hope you are having a wonderful week! xoxo, tracie


Carole West said…
This is nice too! Hope you have a great week or should I say weekend as it seems to be approaching rather quickly. I'm indoors painting here as the rain is back.

bj said…
Love your beautiful flowers...
Southerncook said…
Enjoyed your Outdoor Wednesday post. This year I did not plant any poppy's and regret it. Here in N FL we plant them long about Nov and when we begin to heat up I have to pull them but I do enjoy them while I can. I will definitely be planting some this coming Nov. Beautiful post and inspiring.

June said…
Your garden is beautiful this year. I feel the same way about poppies---never enough :) I loved savoring every beautiful photo!
Your garden views are beautiful with so much color and so many blooms. I enjoyed the visit!
That must be hydrangea Invincibelle you have in memory of Ashley? I have one out the front and like it, even considering a second one.
Are you saying your poppies die out after a few years? I better save seeds from Harlem that just started blooming this year for the first time because it has great colour and is a repeat bloomer.
Tracie, beautiful as always! I spent the morning cutting back. After being out of town for a week I came home to a lot of spent blooms. Poppies, jupiters beard, and Danes Rocket all had to be cut back. It's leaving a few empty looking spots in the garden. My yarrow and Hollyhocks are about to bloom and my Delphiniums are gorgeous. My roses are still young, but looking prettier every year. It has turned off hot here in the 90's this week. Love, love your gorgeous Hydrangea!
betty-NZ said…
These are some wonderful spring colors! I can't wait for winter to be over to see my flowers again.

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