Fishtail Cottage Garden 6/22/15

The garden is full of yellows, reds and oranges ~ I used to be a fan of only using the pallet of pinks and purples and shades of greens but over the past couple years I've definitely branched out with a little bit more color to offer in the landscape. Ladies Mantle and I have sort of a love hate relationship!  I love it when it's in bloom and I love how it fills the garden with it's beautiful foliage, however, I hate how it goes to seed and it's roots take over so easily.  Last year, I pulled so many of new starts of the Ladies Mantle plant to keep it contained ~ yet now that its in full bloom I miss having it everywhere...

Another prolific bloomer in the garden right now is St. Johns Wart. I've found that no matter how far I cut it back it will decide that it's going to get huge and happy before it blooms.  I love pretty the reds, pinks and yellows are of this sweet shrub.
Some other gorgeous yellows and reds to share with you this week in bloom are as follows... Lily, Bee Balm, Coneflower, Moon Beam Coreopsis, Poppy, and Blythe Spirit Rose.
This Pink Supreme Carpet Rose has layered the area between the street and the picket fence while we await the upcoming show of the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas.

Even with the not having the intention of yellow in the garden ~ it finds its way in the most curious of places... I love how it helps soften and scale the colors in the garden!

Astilbe's have made their appearance this week too! I love seeing them bloom ~ they certainly make a great filler in the garden beds.  Although I don't think they will ever be as beautiful and prolific as they were back in 2001. Click here to see that post!

Some rose pictures that I can't help but share!

 While I was taking pictures of my garden, Gizzy popped her head up and said hello!
Here are some other pretty pictures of some mid summer bloomers listed in order. Bleeding Hearts, Invincibelle Hydrangea, Alyssum, Mallow and Lavender.

 Hope you are enjoying your week! Here is one of the garden pots that is filling up nicely with rescued plants from around the garden that needed a little tlc this year.  
 xoxo, tracie


Pamela Gordon said…
Your gardens and flowers are beautiful and you have such a great variety of them. I have Lady's Mantle too and I pulled a lot of the shoots out on Saturday as I was weeding the rock garden. It's even coming up in the grass now! I do like it's pretty airy yellow blooms though and they dry nicely. Have a great week!
acorn hollow said…
oh your gardens are so lovely I have some lady's mantle but it is not as lush as yours. You have a lot in bloom at a time I have astillbe too and it just went into bloom.
Your garden looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party.
HeatherF1 said…
Beautiful garden, beautiful photography!
My Cozy Casita said…
your garden have so many deferents flower so beautiful!!!!!!
Enjoy your summer
bj said…
So many different kinds of flowers...just beautiful
Tracie! Your garden is incredible! And I love that shot of the Ladys Mantle! So many jaw dropping blooms showing their faces in your space! Happy gardening! Nicole xo
betty-NZ said…
What a huge series of shots! The yellow, dainty flowers are my favorite.
beautiful garden and images.
Unknown said…
With all the heat we have been having, the bright hot sun burning the lawn and plants, it is such a joy to see your lush and beautiful garden. We went away fro a few days and returned to crisp lawn and garden.... the watering just did not help. Summertime in Florida :)
Going back for another peek.
Happy midweek Tracie.
Rue said…
Beautiful! Gizzy is awfully cute :)
Unknown said…
I what a lovely yard. I don't really like mixing pinks purple and yellow and red either so I've always had my front yard in the white pink purple theme and my back yard in the white yellow orange red theme. Every once in awhile I see a.mixed yard a.d like it but I prefer mine separate.
Anonymous said…
Love your garden, especially the purple flowers. And the picture with the chicken is just too cute.
Mindy said…
So many beautiful's hard to keep up with the camera this time of year! Your bee balm beat mine. No color here yet. I love the lady's mantle, too, but it is quite prolific as a seeder. I pull them out of EVERYwhere. The hostas peeking out in some of your photos are gorgeous!
Just beautiful Tracie! You have such a wonderful variety of plants. Your posts always make me want to head straight out to the garden. Featured at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

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