Repelling Mosquito's - This really works!!!

We love sitting out on our patio any chance we can.  My morning coffee is usually enjoyed out here as well as just relaxing in the evening. One part of being outdoors we do not enjoy is the mosquitos, and neither do our pets.  It's difficult to avoid those pesky mosquitos because I have birdbaths that host still water and well, mosquitos just seem to like me.
I was offered to try this 8 hour Insect Repellent "Natrapel" and we have found it so incredibly helpful during our evening hours spent outside.  My husband actually sprays it on the cushions instead of directly on us and it works great.  We've been watching my newborn granddaughter this year and it seems to be a safe alternative rather than spraying her directly and or the pets. No one has to miss out on lounging on the patio because they are afraid of getting bit.  I also have been known to disappear into the wee hours of the dark watering the garden or getting caught up in weeding or cutting back plants. It is then that I spray it directly on my skin/clothing to repel those unlovable mosquitos.
My husband plans to take this up to Whistler Canada when he goes mountain biking next month....I see on the website they have on the go wipes too for outdoor adventures!

If I happen to forget to apply the treatment - using the "After Bite Plus" for me and the "After Bite Kids" is a great alternative for us. But we haven't needed it often because the Natrapel is doing its job!
To read more about great and informational bug topics click here.  I don't know about you, but seeing so many being diagnosed with Lyme disease from a tick bite - it's good to get reliable information from those that know!

I know we are enjoying the patio areas much more now that we know we safe!

To order your own Natrapel Insect Repellent and After Bite 'itch eraser' ~ Click here.
They have so many great products ~ our family (pets included) loves the outdoors and they have all sorts of survival type kits for people and pets that would be beneficial for us to have on hand.  Let me know if you've tried any of their products before & if you have any suggestions?  Love learning about the latest and greatest essentials! xoox, tracie


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