Fishtail Cottage Garden 8/10/15

Since this is my weekly gardening post, I am very excited to show you a new antique oil painting rose print that I just added to my collection.  I started collecting these a few years ago and because they are so difficult for me to find, I get super excited when I come across one!  Isn't this just so pretty?  I love the torn spot and tattered edging of the canvas print.  These are being hung in my sitting room where I am enjoying all things roses!

I wanted to also thank so many of you who reached out about Ashley's story and sent prayers for good results of my biopsy after my post last week.  The results were not what I had hoped for -  the biopsy showed the tumor to be Stage IIa Spindle Cell Melanoma.  The next step is to get in next week to see a specialist and schedule another surgery to remove more tissue where my tumor was removed and have my lymph nodes checked under my left arm. I will let you know how that goes.  Just trying to keep good thoughts and keep my moments of panic and overwhelming thoughts of "what if" to a minimum! I found this quote on Pinterest recently and put it on my phone to remind myself to stay positive!

Okay so onto this weeks garden and flowers here at Fishtail Cottage!  Our temperatures have persisted to stay in the 80's here in Seattle. Which means watering is a constant task and the progress of the landscape seems to be moving at faster pace than in years past.  The front of the house has continued to stay gorgeous with the changing colors of the Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangeas.  They are showing all three colors at once. 
Now don't laugh, but I purchased four more of these beauties to continue along the picket fence line. About three days after I planted them, all of the leaves shriveled up and fell off and so I cut the blooms off so the plant could focus on rooting itself and getting established.  It's been almost two weeks and look, they are already showing new life! Now I just have to wait about three more summers for them to look like my current ones. I guess that is why (for me) the garden is always fun to share, because it is always evolving and changing! 

A few cheerful blooms that are loving this heat is the Stella de Oro Daylilly, Malibu Yellow Poker Plant and Arum italicum 'Marmoratum'.
Also, Guara, Prairie Mallow Knautia Thunder and Lightning and French Perfume Rose.
I finally have identified a couple of my roses through you! I am still hoping someone can help identify this rose - here are three different stages of its color.  The blooms have lasted for weeks and weeks - starting out in a pinky orange color and then fade to white.  Any thoughts?
Thanks for coming over and taking a look at my garden post for the week xoxo, tracie


Continuing to pray for you Tracie! Thank you for keeping us updated... I know so many people care about you. Your painting and flowers are beautiful! Xo, ~julie
Priscilla said…
My prayers are with you Tracie! Keep positive!
Priscilla said…
Easy Does It rose??
I just found your charming blog. Love it. I am your newest follower. Stop by mine and chat. Jo
Debbie said…
The roses on canvas are beautiful! A great addition to your other paintings.
Love the images you are sharing of your flowers. Always a pleasure to see what is blooming at your place.
Mindy said…
Holy crud, scary!!! Sending positive thoughts - the soil and the garden are good for the soul, you're lucky to have that during this hurry up and wait period.
Bernideen said…
That is wonderful! So is your yard and garden!!!
Stacey said…
Oh my goodness, those hydrangeas are amazing!
Burlap Luxe said…
Everything is beautiful Tracie, I am sending prayers abover like a warrior. And nailing this to the cross. Stay strong knowing God is our superior medical doctor and you are in good hands.
Please keep usosted as to how you are doing and my prayers are continued for you.

Your homes garden beds are amazing.


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