12 Gifts for Gardeners ... Day #7

I was first introduced to Bogs Footwear about five years ago when a local nursery sales gal suggested them to me.  I was not joking when I told the her that on average I go through at least four pairs of rain boots between spring and fall and that these boots are way too expensive for me! She personally swore that Bogs Footwear would be the last type of gardening boot that I would ever need to purchase.  I thought she was crazy for vouching for these boots not knowing how hard I am on the boots I wear in my garden.  But because she was so insistent that I would be happy with my investment, I reluctantly bought a pair with the thought that I would be returning them within a few months. That was five years ago!

Admitting that my Bogs Footwear boots have certainly exceeded any expectation I had at the time I purchased them, my only complaint after five years is that they are in such perfect condition, I have no excuse to purchase a new pair! They have not cracked from kneeling where others had done in the past, nor have they allowed water to leak inside. No matter how much I wear these Bogs Footwear boots, they are indestructible. I've often wanted a second pair just to have something different, however it seems silly to purchase something I already have. Check out their guarantee policy...here!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are always in the market for boots when fall arrives, am I right? Recently, I was in Nordstrom and saw they had several darling styles of Bogs Footwear boots.
I came home that evening and went onto the Bogs Footwear website and see that they not only have several updated styles of gardening boots but also several boots for outdoor lifestyle like, hiking work, hunting, steel toe and so much more! I kinda got lost in the options!!!

Did I mention they have kids boots too? (to die for) ~ the plaid winter boots have to be my favorite!

So many cute styles to choose from, but I decided to order this pair called the "Tacoma". It has got to be my absolute favorite new boot in my closet.  This boot is something I can wear in the garden  but they are chic enough that I can get away with running errands around town.   They are lightweight, which makes them so comfortable to wear and of course, they are waterproof. One of my favorite features of this boot is that it is snug on the calf, which is perfect for not letting garden debris inside my boot.

  & how cute are these back buckles?

Please go over to Bogs Footwear and let me know what pair would be perfect for you and your lifestyle? Can't wait to hear what you all have to say! (& if you too are putting a pair of Bogs Footwear on you Christmas wish list)!

I've already decided these "Seattle" Bogs Footwear are on my wish list! & did I mention Bogs Footwear offers free shipping too!So appropriate, right? xoxo, tracie


Mindy said…
Oh man, I desperately need these in my life.
I have never heard of Bogs and have absolutely no need for them but I WANT a pair! I want the black short boots with the plaid inserts...gotta start saving my pennies!

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