Cottage Garden 3/18/16

I keep waiting for something extra ordinary to appear in the garden. I have found myself hiding indoors because we  have had so much wind and rain over the past couple weeks.  Both yesterday and today have finally been beautiful, blue skies  and sunshine, so I grabbed my camera and thought I'd take a few photo's for Instagram and Facebook. This time of year is funny because I still feel like the garden is waking up and showing so much dirt.  I always forget how much is below the ground still - so it's fun walking around with the camera in hand.

Most of my trees and shrubs are just barely showing leaf buds. But the Bradford Pear Trees are fully blooming along the side of my home! A spectacular thing to see! However, I am not a fan of the fragrance otherwise I'd bring a few branches inside.

A few pops of color are so welcoming this time of year!
Just a few Bleeding hearts have bloomed, most are just beginning to appear above ground.  If you are interested in knowing how to divide these in your garden, click here! I do this every spring and multiply my collection as much as possible!

I am obsessed with having delphiniums in my garden, however they always seem to become bunny food! So frustrating, but I will enjoy them while they last!

Hyacinth both (pink and purple) are blooming throughout the garden! Between these and Daphne the garden smells amazing.

Mathotiana camellia “rubra" just opened up this past week!


Grape Hyacinth

As you can see the Patio Garden is emerging!  I'll bet in another week this won't even look the same...everything is about to leaf out and Peonies, Astilbe and Columbine are all appearing now.

I see that the Hino Crimson Azaleas are about to bloom as well ~ anyone know what type of cocoon this is attached to the branch? I'm so curious what this is...
I attended a local flea market and if you are like me ~ I don't need anything, but love to window shop!
I did end up coming home with a few new garden tools and a salvaged container full of flowers for the porch! Which inspired me to dress my porch up a bit.
Looking forward to sharing more next week as the garden continues to appear!
Hoping you have an amzing weekend! xoox, tracie


Beautiful Tracie! Love your container and porch too. :)
GranthamLynn said…
Gorgeous. I hope to plant some bulbs in the fall this year. I love the tulips in the
old tin thingy! I have a vintage metal ice chest that would be perfect to copy your idea! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.
Unknown said…
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your garden.....I think those might be the home to praying mantis
Thyde Living said…
Wauw its a very nice blog - fantastic
Happy easter
Mindy said…
Your new container is uh-mazing. I love it!
I'm interested in knowing what those things are home to, as well. Kinda creepy.
So beautiful...I found your blog via an old post on French Country Cottage.
Susie said…
I haven't been to visit for a long sorry. But your sweet gardens are just as wonderful as I remember. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

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