Old books….

I picked up these old books recently while out antiquing. When I picked them up, my heart told me that they had to come home with me.
“A Forest Pathway”, by Arthur L. Salmon  is a sweet little book that only has four pages.  A poem and beautiful illustrations on each page.  But what I love most about this tiny book is the cover and the tassel bounding that holds it together.  There isn’t a date on the pages of this book and I couldn’t find anything on the internet to identify this book.
“Gems from Lowell” is a 1904 gift book of poetry by James Russell Lowell. Inside this book hosts 31 days of beautifully written poetry with pretty illustrations. 
Lovely little vintage books that I am so glad I brought home. If anyone out there has any information on these two gift books ~ please do share what you know! xoxo, tracie


Unknown said…
they just don't make things like they use to....simply beautiful....and so glad they went to a good home..........
Cindy Lou said…
Just love old books! They are so charming!!

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