Fishtail Cottage's Christmas 2016... #5

Snow Day!
Lucky us for having a snow day yesterday.  Lot's of kids in and out of the house, which became a full day of wet clothes, hot chocolate with peppermint, cinnamon rolls baking and a pizza delivery! Definitely a great day!  I managed to snap a few photo's of the garden early in the morning while it was still a glowing winter wonderland here at Fishtail Cottage.

This time of year, I always have a hard time realizing that my garden was once full of lush plants and an unlimited amount of flowers .... but I do try to find the beauty in what is today and just enjoy it.

  xoxo, tracie


Bernideen said…
Totally magical! Lovely!
My Cozy Casita said…
This is the must beautiful picture look like postcard of winter wonderland you have the best weather I Love California weather
Have blessing day enjoy the day with your family
Your gardens are a winter wonderland! Glad you and your enjoyed this magical day!
Junkchiccottage said…
How gorgeous. A white and pretty wonderland. Glad you could share in this beautiful day with your family.

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