Fishtail Cottage Garden - July 2019

Although July is full of so many blooms, I want to focus this month on all the beauty of the roses in my garden. By no means can I share each rose in one post, currently I have approximately 150 (and counting) roses in my landscape. I decided long ago that I was going to focus much of my energy and time on roses rather than other plantings. They are my favorite in the garden to nurture and they give me so much more in return. I love old roses the most because of their fragrance and beauty...however, I have all types of roses to admire, these are just a few. 

 Clair Austin
 Koko Loko
 Moonlight in Paris
 Souvenir de la Malmason
 Chapney's Pink Cluster
Excellenz Von Schubert
 Nicole Carol Miller
 Gentle Hermoine
Darlows Enigma
 Autumn Sunset 
 Wife of Bath
 Blush Noisette
 Baronne Prevost
 Stephen Rulo
 Wollorton Old Hall 
 French Perfume
 The Cottage
 Pink Supreme
  Mme. Isaac Pereire
 Ruffled Cloud
Augustine Guinoisseau  

Princess Alexandrea of Kent
Winchester Cathedral

Cut roses for inside my home are so amazing. The entire house smells so good when I bring them inside.  I especially love making a mixed bouquet every few days for the kitchen.

Would love the hear what your favorite rose is and why? So many fantastic options out there for all of us. Thanks so much for taking a peek at todays post. Please follow Fishtail Cottage over on Instagram and on Facebook. xoxo, tracie


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