Fishtail Cottage Garden - September 2019

September certainly flew by, didn't it.  The last few weeks of the month quickly turned from mid summer to the feeling of fall...but looking back on all of the photo's I shared this past month on Instagram it truly was a beautiful past month.

I still have several roses blooming, I love cutting them and bringing them inside, but before I did so I had to snap a few photo's for you to see them. Its been raining here (a lot) recently so it is imminent that the roses won't last long
The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas are in their final stages in this later part of September - I captured a few beautiful photo's of them before the big day comes that I cut them all back.
 The Macrophylla Hydrangeas are stunning this year with all of the vintage colors they are displaying. These make an excellent cut flower to dry and have inside for the winter months.
  Although fall is coming, and you can see it a bit in the photos posted below, but mostly you can feel it in the air. I feel now is the best time to look around and see where the bones of the landscape and garden will be left as all of the leaves soon disappear.  I can move structures around that may best fit into the landscape as plants have grown over the seasons this year and what (if anything) is needed in certain spots when looking out the windows of my home. I feel there should be a pretty view 365 days a year, even if I don't want to walk outside.

One of the biggest show stoppers in the Landscape right now is the Autumn Sunset Clematis. In years past I have tried so many different ways of managing this climbing plant. In the first several years it grew as however it liked, however it cascades over anything near and as you can imagine the sunshine cannot get to anything under all of it's foliage and suffers, not to mention you can't walk under it. This year, I kept it manageable all summer, cutting it back just a bit each time I was out pruning in the garden ~ all the way up until I saw blooms appearing.  It has completely opened up and spread its extra ordinary fragrance throughout the backyard. Its more than just stunning to see from inside out house, but also from just about every angle in the landscape. I am really enjoying this clematis this year.
The Japanese Anemone is in full bloom right now....This is one of the few fall blooms that has just begun to show its beauty.  These blooms make an excellent cut flower to bring inside to enjoy for a few weeks and even when the petals fall off the little round bud is darling in other bouquets. 
The Sedum "Autumn Joy" is also blooming - its also a wonderful blooming plant for late summer.  I just cut an enormous bouquet of these to have inside....i'm really curious to see how long it will last. 
 I recently decided I'd like to add Dahlia's to my landscape next year in hopes of having more late summer blooming options. I always ignored Dahlias because I focus most of my attention on my roses but this past summer I saw so many gorgeous vintage colored Dahlias that my heart just has to give it a try!  I can't wait to see how I do....this winter I will be doing a lot of research to learn. Would love any suggestions you all have and if you have any Dahlias you want to share with me, I'd love some!   

Thank you for coming over and taking a look around today. If you are here, please do say hello! I am trying to get back into the blogging world and would love to know who is out there reading! If you don't already, please follow me on Instagram / Facebook! xoxo, tracie


colleen said…
Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us! My husband and I moved to Seattle from the Midwest about 4 years ago and bought a house with a very nice established garden. We’re learning how different plants and growing seasons are here and we’re tweaking things in the garden now. I’m sure it will be a never ending process and I look forward to learning from your blog and Instagram posts!
I've missed you...and your pretty garden! IG can do that but I bet you get as lot of Likes on your gorgeous flowers. I am so loving the vanilla strawberry hydrangeas. They are truly unique--I've never even heard of them. Also the clematis! Incredible. We have an arbor at the entrance to our pier, I wonder if I can grow something as beautiful. Finally, the sedum. That I have! I made a few bouquets a few weeks ago and they have now faded. The rest outdoors are a bright crimson so I need to make some fresh bouquets. I cut from the back and some of the droopier ones so they stay nicely shaped. But winter is coming fast here in the Midwest so I should really just go for it and give some away!

So good to catch up!
CosmeaGardens said…
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