The Fountain has arrived!

Before I start this post I have to share with you ~ this beautiful Peace Rose that is blooming today, We have had frigid temperatures over the past week and so I was surprised to see this gorgeous bloom.  

I shared in my last blog post about new changes along the Secret Garden Path.  If you missed that post click here. If you've ever visited my gardens, you had to have noticed a huge pile of flagstone pavers that were sitting in the space where the new fountain was going to go...these were from when we re-did our patio area three years ago. We needed to move the flagstone somewhere, but didn't really want create another eyesore in the landscape.  I suggested we try them in the gravel path & Oh My Goodness - I am so glad I thought of that, there was just enough for the space I am working with and it looks so amazing. 

I had seven yards of dirt delivered early last week, and this past Wednesday I had a crew here to fill the old area where the arborvitaes used to separate the area into different garden beds.   The area was leveled and the dirt has been compacted to get ready for the new garden changes.  The fountain was delivered today thankfully without any mishaps.. last night was a long and restless night of worry for me, but today I am relieved and elated to see how gorgeous it is in its new space. I couldn't be happier! Look at how beautiful the patina is on this piece. There are a few chips but I'm going to see if I can get them fixed up before I get the fountain in working condition. 

I moved my cement planters to the upper level that lines the grass, setting them in front of the arbor., Another change I am very happy with trying. I picked up some stone pavers to go underneath each one to keep them level.

 Of course as soon as the fountain was delivered and in its place I got to work on digging up some Bearded Iris up by the Chicken Church. I divided and planted them along the back side of the fountain,  leaving enough room for the roses that will be planted next spring and also enough room for the arborvitaes that are coming soon. Mixed in with the Bearded Iris, I found some of my Bleeding Hearts I could divide and plant. I originally had the idea I'd plant white Bleeding Hearts , however I do have the pink ones already and this way I won't have to wait to purchase any. I also mixed in four of my white Japanese Anemone starts to this area. I dug up some of my foxgloves that self seeded and planted the starts in this area as well - I believe all of these plants densely planted together will fill in beautifully.
In front of the fountain I planted Dwarf English Boxwoods, I know they are so tiny, but they will catch up - again … trying to save a little money.  I found a whole pocket of Forget Me Not's that I divided and planted in a row behind the boxwood.  I also dug up some of my Pink Tulips and Spanish Bluebells and planted them sporadically in this space in front of the fountain to give an unorganized blooming period in the spring. 
I had purchased this Mathews Maple at a garage sale just when fall started to appear, I loved this tree and couldn't pass it up, we enjoyed the fall colors on the patio and now I think it will be beautiful for all seasons planted next to the fountain.

Where the maple tree is now planted, I had to dig up my Wedgewood Rose that was growing inside an obelisk - I am super nervous that I may have hurt it as this is not the best time to move roses, but I am going to hold my breath while I wait to see how it does. I had one teeny tiny opening along the fence on the complete other side of the house along the picket fence and planted it there. It looks really good there among all the other climbing/rambling roses.

Oh, I almost forgot I decided to take a shovel to one of my Sarah Bernhardt Peonies and divide it and made five plants with it. I planted those around this area as well. Here it is with the new plants (although some you cannot see yet, so you'll just have to visualize. If you look at my last post, you can see it's visually looking very similar to my cartoon drawing I created.   I still have some cleaning up to do in the garden bed between the grass and the fountain - but I'm going to save that for another day.  Those Arborvitaes that are in the back will green up nicely over time now that they can breath a little. 

  I think I am going to love having these boxwoods guiding the stairs into the backyard.

 Thanks for coming over and taking a look at this weeks update of this area - I will definitely share when the new arborvitaes arrive. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook! xoox, tracie


Lauren said…
You weren’t the only one tossing and turning the night before the transfer! I was so freaking terrified it would be dropped or someone would get hurt moving it! The base alone is close to 500 lbs I believe!!! Such a magnificent addition to your garden! It looks like it was always meant to me there! As if for centuries it existed in that exact spot! It was exciting to watch you become completely energized and the creative energy flow and flow. I live for such moments of revitalization and the satisfaction of a vision being realized ❤️I can’t believe how much you have gotten done already!!!! I’m dying to come over soon and see it in real life !

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