Painting our home in the Fall Season of 2020

 Our home has been a gorgeous two tone green color with white trim for the past 14 years. With the threat of Covid and stay at home orders, we started thinking of things we'd love to change to our house and decided to move forward with painting the outside of our home during the summer months. I've never not liked the color of our house, but have always been drawn and keen on the idea of painting it all white. The idea never really pleased my husband - he likes color...but after showing him several ideas, he gave the thumbs up to at least begin getting quotes. He's not the type of husband who has to approve things, he generally lets me decorate and organize and bring home purchases without too much worry or fuss. However, painting the outside of a house is a pretty dramatic change and having my love on board is important. This is some photo's of the house before painting....

The decision we made was to paint our house white with black trim, but during the process and of course after the front and two sides of the house were completed with black trim...I changed my mind! YEP, CHANGED MY MIND! Ugh. Couldn't I just know what I wanted without having to see it first? Once the body front of the house started to be painted white by the garage where the trim was still white, I decided then I really liked the white on white. After some coursing with pictures, my husband was on board - a few neighbors thought it was weird that I did the same color with no dimension, but hey, its my house... Plus I had no idea how different my garden looked with an all white back drop - WOW! JUST WOW! During the last couple weeks of painting the house, the smoke from fires was really bad and I honestly didn't get many photo's of the house and garden together in its prime condition, so I will have to wait until next summer to show you. Honestly it will be great surprise for me too! But here are a few of photo's I did get that didn't show a cloudy, yellow hue to the photograph. 

Well, what do you think? We are loving it. Its so bright and cheerful and can only imagine what the garden will look like next year with the house in the background. I hope it will just blend in and let the garden steel the show. Thanks so much for coming over and taking a peek at this blog post update of the transformation of the outside of our home. 

We used Benjamin Moore "Simply White" color on both the body of the house and for the trim. 

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Good Morning
I absolutely love it. The white is so fresh and clean looking. I liked the green also though but that white is just beautiful. I also like the white on white. Great decision* Can't wait to see what it looks like with your gorgeous garden

Claire said…
Love it! There just is nothing prettier than a white house. That's what we have -- white with green tea colored paint on the shutters. I've never been a fan of white with black trim. Black shutters are fine but black trim just never works to my eye. It's too jarring or something. But this spring when things begin to bloom, you will really love it.
ellen said…
Wow! I love it. Your front door looks amazing with the white. I can't wait to see your home when your beautiful garden is in bloom. Especially your hydrangeas!

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