Wollerton Old Hall Rose


Wollerton Old Hall is a gorgeous David Austin rose introduced in 2011. I have this beauty planted on the East side of my backyard garden bed. This rose is the epitome of an English Rose. The blooms are amazingly fragrant with an old rose scent. It blooms later in the season for me than other roses. This rose is considered a climbing rose, but I am keeping it as a shrub approximately 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide in my landscape. It is in semi shade under a Honey Locust Tree.  This particular part of my garden is planted very densely and the roots of everything planted in this space is competing with the arborvitaes I amend and fertilize these flowers more often than other sections of landscape.  This rose is stunning through all the stages of its bloom cycle which makes it an excellent cut flower. Garden Zone 5-9


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