Spirit of Freedom Rose


Spirit of Freedom is a rose I have struggled with. This rose was introduced in 2002 by David Austin. I planted two years ago (own root) and it didn’t survive. The nursery replaced it with another and that one did not thrive, so that same nursery gave me a third one to try – this third one was more established which I believe will be successful. The rose is planted in the Secret Garden growing inside of a white obelisk. I think that the height has made a difference because of the density of plantings in this space. I moved the other that was barely alive to the front entrance garden gate to replace Zephirine Droughn. I am hoping with the less dense plantings and all-day sunshine it will be happier. I hope to use this one as a cut flower because the cabbage rose blooms are just gorgeous and the fragrance is amazing.  Garden Zone 5-10


acorn hollow said…
A beautiful rose I wish I was a better gardener the only roses I have are the fairy roses and a very old climbing rose that was taken from my mother's property.

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