Winchester Cathedral Rose


Winchester Cathedral is a David Austin rose that was originally planted on the top tier of the rose terrace in my landscape. The 10 or so roses over time did not do well. In 2020 I removed all of the roses in that area and relocated the remaining roses to different locations in my landscape. Winchester Cathedral roses now resides on each side of a Gertrude Jekyll in the Patio Garden. Another one has been placed right on the corner of the covered patio lining the flagstone pathway. I really wanted to salvage these roses to use as cut flowers for arrangements. The new locations have allowed me to have easier access to keeping an eye on them to monitor mildew and black spot. I did have one that partially died back to its mother plant Mary that produces both the Mary and Winchester Cathedral on the same shrub. Its fragrance is an old rose scent and repeatedly blooms throughout summer. Growth height and wide is said to be 4x4. Garden Zone 5-11


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