Fall Mantle Changes…

Its been close to a year since we completed our house remodel.  One of my most favorite additions to the Great Room was finding the faux mantle to decorate.  This is what it looked like last year.  Then I did a little change to it in the spring.  This week, I've decided to change things around again.  I took down my chippy frames that were hung above the mantle and moved them up into the bonus room.

I am not quite ready to decorate for Christmas, and I don’t have any ‘Thanksgiving’ decorations…so I thought decorating the mantle with some fall/winter touches would be fun and festive for this time of year.  Plus I can add décor as the season changes! 


IMG_7303 (2)



I picked up this frame at Michaels using my 50% off coupon.  The frame is empty (no glass) ~ so I used poster board and glued some music paper onto it. I made the green wreath using cuttings from my boxwood and hung it in the center of the frame. 








Filled up the urn with acorns and a little nesting card.  Filled my metal signs with leaves from the garden.


Kinda fun to change things around now and then!


I love the way it looks now! Don’t you? To see what else I am linking to this week – please check my “Cottage Links” label…xoxo, tracie

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Sandi said…
Love all your decor and those chairs!!!
Burlap Luxe said…
Love your mix, and the sweet tule lampshade is adorable, I will have to make one :)

Looking so very forward to my visit here with you and your Christmas and all the decor and festive designs.

Love your mantle, won't Christmas decorations be fun?
I like the changes you've made to the mantel. Great idea with the music sheets & green wreath. I have to admit though, when I looked back to what you had before, I do like that metal pail with the lights shining through the holes ;) Wendy x
Sherry Hicks said…
Love it, it looks so warm cozy and beautiful!!
peggy said…
I think it is so much fun to change things around. I love the frame with the music and the others too.
I love those metal signs Tracie! I remember when you got them. Great idea to put the leaves in there. The framed music is pretty too. I have been meaning to make a wreath with some of my boxwood. The entire mantle is lovely! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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