More life in the landscape…

I am truly enjoying every day that I look out our windows and see more life in the landscape.  I am excited to see that I have even more tulips opening this week ~ is it weird I get a little sad when they disappear for the season? Waiting a whole year for the anticipation of spring again seems so silly, but I love that feeling!!!
It seems that these later blooming tulips are even more prettier than the early blooms!
I have my first lilac that made it’s appearance this week! so yummy! After I write this post, I’m going back out to clip some to bring inside!
Also the Cunningham White Rhododendron has begun to bloom! I love the pastel pink this flower has!
The Bleeding Hearts and Heuchra has certainly perked up the garden beds this past week…I have both of these plants EVERYWHERE in my landscape ~ they look good in sun or shade and no matter what type of soil.  Both are just such happy plants and add a whimsical texture!
Although I believe they need to be planted in ‘masses’ to give the look of a prairie like setting in the gardens is the gorgeous English Bluebells…I started the garden landscape with only blue, but have added both white and pink as well…(my pinks are not blooming yet).
Here are the English Bluebells in my backyard landscape boarding the grass!
Please get ready to join the Garden Party over here at Fishtail Cottage ~ MAY 1st!  I can’t wait to see you and your gardens! xoxo, tracie


Sonia said…
Oh so beautiful! I finally planted my first bedding plants yesterday. Your garden is lovely and the bi-color tulips are my favorite. Enjoy spring!
Miss Bloomers
oh i just love it all! especially the bluebells!
happy spring!
STUNNING!! I always love getting a tour of your gardens!!
Sheila said…
What a beautiful garden you have! I love all the bleeding hearts.
So gorgeous! I can't even imagine the hours you spend in the gardens. I'm planning on joining the garden party this year, last year we had snow clear into May, then major drought in June followed by floods in July! I just didn't have the heart to share. I'm on it this year! :))

Your garden is so lovely, thank you for sharing it with us!
xo Jonni xo
Everything looks so beautiful!
Unknown said…
Your garden looks fabulous!!! Love that dark ruffly tulip!
Heaven's Walk said…
Oh my gosh,'s all soooo beautiful! I lovvvvve visiting your gardens!!!! :) Still waiting for mine to make any sort of appearance, but I see a bit more green every day. :)

xoxo laurie
Your garden is lovely! such pretty flowers, and wonderful to see after our long winter!
Stunning garden, I love the bleeding hearts and tulips.
So nice to see all of in PA spring is just starting! :)
Oh I can't wait for my flowers to start! Thank you for sharing yours!
Oh my! I just love the a tour of your gardens!
Thank you for sharing all the beauty and inspiration!
Mindy said…
Everything looks beautiful. Great photos. You have so many tulips! I have one clump of yellow and that's it. Every year I say I'm gonna plant more.....ya know how that goes.
Kathy said…
Tracie you've created such a gorgeous garden! I delight in seeing the perennials and bulbs I can only dream of growing. I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's A Return to Loveliness,
Always the best eye candy Tracie! I to have to look and see what new blooms bless my gardens each day. I love Bleeding Hearts and mine are just about to bloom. My Lilacs are full of buds too. Can't wait to bring some indoors! I bought a white Bleeding Heart the other day and I am loving it too! As always, your gardens are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.
Kathy said…
Tracie, your garden is absolutely stunning! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

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