Looking for your ideas?

Sooooo, I am in the process of transforming my den into a sanctuary for myself!  A place I love to come and sit.  I am trying to work this furniture into my room basically, because I already have it!  I’ve got lots of goodies that are coming my way (via mail) and items that I have set aside because I want to see it all come together on the day I have everything here!

I am in need of ideas for decorating the top of this Armoire…… please comment as to what you think I should do.  you can send pics to me at northshore_fish@comcast.net should you need to explain with pictures.  Love & appreciate anything you send my way (I’m stuck)!

~Miss T.



Will you paint it? Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.
XO Marie
Unknown said…
Are you decorating all of it or just the top, it would look beautiful painted, especially if you did the little square panels in a different colour. It looks like a nice sturdy bit of furniture x
Honestly, I'm terrified to paint it...I'm afraid I'd ruin it & then I'd be stuck with an "eye sore"... For now I need ideas to put on the top? Really, you think I should paint it?
Burlap Luxe said…
I think an aged paint job would bring it to the up-date style of a great flea market find. Farm house French you can leave the hardware and prim them with a roll over of paint and then top paint it with a great color! Of course sand it a bit here and there for an old aged look. Sand extra around the handles for that time worn use of the piece.

To top it off I would add some old collectables on top of it. Maybe an heirloom family piece, or a smaller old wood box, or wire basket. Think rustic and old, and less is more.

See if your hubby is on board with painting it, also remind him that most PAINTED piece's cost more than a stain grade piece, as well as lasting less dated charm.

Is this where you have in mind for a metal bucket? I think one would look great up there filled with greens for the holidays. I wouldn't put a lot up there. Instead use just a couple of large pieces. Maybe a glass jar with some colorful ornaments to add some light.
Deserae said…
You have gotten lots of great suggestions so I don't have much to add. I think it would look great painted and honestly you can't mess it up. Paint is so easy to fix with just another quick coat if it doesn't turn out quite the way you envision it :o)Good luck!

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