My Den in Progress…

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Naturally Carol said…
What lovely pictures...beautiful vignettes and georgeous accessories...I love the lamps with the buttons on them!
Very pretty and so cottage sweet. I love the slipcovered chairs and the sweet table in between.

Your den is looking wonderful.

Unknown said…
So pretty! Love the arched window sashes on the wall and the sweet table between the white chairs. The shape of that side table is stunning!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, wow!... your den is looking fabulous!... I love all the special touches you have added, I especially love those lampshades with the little buttons on them... and your desk is perfect for sitting and relaxing and blogging... you have the magic touch!... little Charlie looks so cute on his own little pillow!... xoxo Julie Marie
Unknown said…
oh so bee-you-tee-full! made me weep. Sigh...
michelle said…
I am so in love with your den! The ruffled table cover is beautiful!! I love to see the combination of industrial with romantic. What a wonderful place to sit and relax!
Hi Tracie, thank you for the kind comment on my florals. Oh your den is looking amazing! I have a slipped wing back but nothing like the ones you have. They are stunning! Everything looks divine and the galvanized pieces are awesome. Hugs tami
Your den is beautiful! Such a nice mix of pretty and rustic! I love the lampshades with the buttons and the slip covered chairs. You are doing a really nice job.

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your nice comments. I love your blog! :-)

Okay, so I love this whole room!!!!!!!!!!!!
I especially love the wingbacks (I have a pair in my Music Room).
The lamp is adorableness!
How where when did you find/make all these things?
Details! I want details :)
It's so nice to meet you and I hope you don't mind me as a new friend!
I love all the whites in your home and all your chickens!!!!
Josie and Daisy are fluffy heaven and I loved the picture of their fannies- I got a good laugh- it's a picture I would have taken, too!
I want some chickens when we move out of this subdivision into an older Craftsman Cottage (with no Home Owner's Association rules) in a year or so.
I will be staging this home and blogging about it.
Happy New Year!
P.S. I love Charlie, too!
Unknown said…
So pretty! I love the ruffles on the wing chairs and all the accessories in your lovely den. I love the contrast of pretty and rustic, also what I am striving for in our home.
Your den is so charming! I especially love the adorable lampshade and the magazine rack!
Heaven's Walk said…
I am just luvvvving the white with the rustic touches of wood and galvanized tin. Throw in some faded French words and you end up with perfection!!!! Luv it! :) Superb job! Happy WW!

xoxo laurie
Burlap Luxe said…
Wow!!! I love the bit of history above the entertainment center, and of course I love galvanized anything.

Everything is so coming along beautifully, you have a room to love :)

GUEST WHAT!!! I received a beautiful gift in the mail and guess who it was from, and so unexpected!!! I was in major awwwwww! it truly tugged at my heart.

I will for ever treasure it. I am also excited to add holiday bits of this and that on page after page and years to come. I will be so setting it out each year welcoming memories.

Thank you girl! I am so Blessed to have a blog friend like you!
You are a testimony to what women can create and pay it forward.
I am gifting you my adoring love for your beautiful heart :)


You have created a beautiful blog for yourself and all of us who visit.
Kellie Collis said…
Your den is amazing! I love that you are able to make it look industrial but cozy. Have a glorious day, Kellie xx
Hi there,
Thank you for coming by and following. I'm so glad I clicked over here to check out your blog. I love the name 'Fishtail'. Your den looks wonderful! I love all of the slips!
Tara said…
HI,your room is absolutely gorgeous...Love it..xx
GwendolynKay said…
I love all the shabby chic , whiteness going on! Sooooooo charming!
Gorgeous and eccentric!

Happy New Year..
Karen Valentine said…
Hi Tracie! Your room looks lovely! Thanks for finding me and leaving your sweet comment. It's funny that in the Winter you go out looking for some "pretty" and find it in Az, because all summer long I am searching for "pretty" too, and I always find it in Washington!!! Happy New Year!
Those chairs are to die for!! Love those lamps too! So cute!
Love Love Love those chairs ,and the colour of you wall is almost identical mine ,mine is a little lighter and is called Bamboo I find it very soothing for a study,I will definitley post some pictures soon .
I also love the wetherboards of your home ,unfortunatley we hardly ever build in Weatherboard in Sydney and actually the local councils have covenants restricting us to brick.
So Jealous!
Ricki Treleaven said…
I adore your buttoned-up lampshades :D I am looking to convert our unused front parlor into an art studio, and I really like your solutions for storage on your desk. Very nice post!
Kathy said…
Love every detail - especially Charlie's pillow!

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