Sentimental gift….


Wrapped some Christmas gifts yesterday…& came to THE ONE gift I search for all year long!  I haven’t talked about my family on my blog until today…yes, we have seven children & how they became part of the family doesn’t matter. Although I do have this story to share…

My niece moved in with us when she was 15 after the death of her mother. Before her mothers death on New Years Eve in 2002 – she gave her daughter a plastic framed picture with the word “VISION” underneath of a sunset.  On the back of the picture was a handwritten letter her mother wrote to her…about her love & wish for her never to lose her vision on any dream her soul inspires and to always have strength & courage & to know her mother will always be her biggest fan!

So when we were decorating my nieces room she didn’t want to put the picture up because it didn’t really “match” what we were doing in there. So instead we carefully took off the letter from the back and had it framed in a beautiful & ornate frame. 

So her first Christmas with us, I bought her the glitter letters that spelled out “VISION”, although it was a difficult moment for her , it reminded her that her mother is still very much a part of her & this word meant something.  So every year since then, I have looked for a gift that has that word on it. She looks forward to seeing what I have found every year & yes, it’s always a tearful moment – but a lovely one as well. 

This year, I found something that was custom made for her by . Together we came up with a lovely gift & can’t be more touched by how it turned out!  On one side it says “Vision” & on the other, it has the handwritten letter from her mom.

Just this past fall – she joined the walk called “Team Vision” for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention & her entire team raised over $10,000. We are so proud of her honoring her mother in such a special way.


I just think it is so special when we can use other people’s talents to give the perfect gift to someone like my niece! I can’t thank Paris Adornments enough for this gift that is so special.


Julie Marie said…
Oh Tracie... the tears are just streaming down my face as I read this... what a beautiful lady you are and such a precious gift from your heart to your dear niece... now, this is what Christmas is all about... thank you so much for sharing this most inspiring wonderful that her team raised all of that money and what a beautiful way to honor her mama...the pendant is gorgeous and I know she will adore it... and I just know she adores you too... xoxo Julie Marie
Unknown said…
wow...all i can say is this post brought tears to my eyes. you shared something very personal..very special..very inspiring and i am so honored to be one of your followers. Your niece is so very blessed to have you and i am sure you are blessed to have her as well. thank you so much for opening your heart to us.
This is so special Tracie!
Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us, she is blessed to have you!
Tracie, what a sweet and inspiring story. Your niece is very lucky to have an aunt like you. Wow, seven children. You must be an angel.
Hello Tracie,
Such a sad but inspiring story and what a wonderful way to keep a special memory close by. I agree with the other ladies...your niece is very fortunate to have a wonderful aunt like you. It will be a special moment when she opens her gift of love. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Maura :)
Tara said…
This would have to be the most treasured present ever.I'm sure you will have a teary christmas morning..xx
Unknown said…
Thank you for opening yourself up with such a heartfelt post. You and your niece are so lucky to have each other. That gift is amazing and the talent of that Etsy creator is God given. I am very touched by your post. Thanks for sharing. I will have to go check out that Etsy shop now too!
You have given us a sample of the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Jane said…
I really enjoyed reading your post. The gift you had made for your niece will be a very treasured gift and a wonderful reminder of her mother.
Tricia said…
What a wonderful gift you have given her, not just the memento from her mother, but also by being a caring and thoughtful aunt. I'm sure she will always treasure your gift. Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes ♥ Tricia
Naturally Carol said…
How special! My heart is touched deeply by your generosity and inspiration to that young girl...what a truly wonderful tale she'll have to tell the people in her life in the future...and now. A lovely gift.

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