Vintage Christmas Décor…

I only have few vintage holiday décor that was given to me by my mom a few years ago.  I remember these two candles, Santa & Frosty.  We always thought it was so weird she never lit them.  I am so glad now that she never did – I love having them in my home & bringing them out during the holidays!012

The mug was mine as a child…both me and my sister had one & now this sits unused during the holidays as well….I remember how excited we were as kids to get the decorations out for the holidays & drink hot cocoa from our special individual mugs…


These strands of candy garland brings memories of our family decorating day as well, although they are not on my tree this year, hoping they will find their place eventually?


Makes me wonder what my kids will remember & have fond memories of when they are all grown up?


Anonymous said…
Gee, I am not sure I have even seen the candy chain before but it is darn will have to find a way to implement that for sure.

Nostalgia...isn't it great!
Unknown said…
oh i had one of those little santa mugs!it was so tiny and sweet. wonder where it is now? thanks for the nostalgia!
Naturally Carol said…
They are all very interesting, fancy the candles lasting so long!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... I love your Santa and Snowman!... and your little Santa mug is just precious... but most of all, I love your treasured memories from Christmases past... xoxo Julie Marie
Hi Tracie,
I just found your blog through Cielo on her comments.. I also collect three legged tea cups, all vintage and cottage design...
I have enjoyed reading your posts and meeting you. I have become a follower.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
Hugs, Elizabeth (Home is Where the Heart is)
Anonymous said…
Hi Tracie! What precious little vintage Christmasy things you have!
be a sweetie,
It's so great you have family pieces! So much more special!
Tricia said…
I wonder what my children will remember too...hopefully good things. That candy garland sure is cute :)
So nice that you have some things from your childhood Christmases! Have a wonderful time with all your kiddos! I raised seven too!Jacqueline
Hello Tracie!
It's funny how sometimes we remember the 'little things'...things that others may have overlooked. I still remember some of the ornaments on my Grandparents tree..some that they had had since they celebrated their first Christmas together in 1921. Those ones weren't the brightest or shiniest...there was just something special about them that made them stand out to me. Enjoy your beautiful ornaments! One day you'll be surprised at what each of your children remember and held dear when they were little. Have a wonderful Friday!
Maura :)
Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Girl!
I love the mug because I had one as well!
We also had the Christmas candles...and we did burn them and it was always sad to see them melt down to nothing, (sad)

Really a cute walk down Christmas past lane :)
Those are some mighty cute vintage goodies!
I love vintage Christmas things and need to get a post ready showing some of mine! Love everything you have collected! Merry Christmas! ♥

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