When I was little……

Denver Trip 2-7-09 085 (2)I remember staying at my grandparents house a lot when I was little.  In my grandma’s guest room – there was a sign that said “Christ is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation”.  I read that sign thousands of times & to this day, have never forgot those words.  Now this sign was nothing special – it was a tacky brown, plastic plaque – but it was the words & the memories that came with the plaque is what was so meaningful.  After the passing of both of my grandparents – everyone came into town & people took whatever! I am not upset at the least that someone else got their hands on it first….the same words must have spoken to them as well.  I was young at the time & didn’t know what would later be important to me.  However, I’ve always kept my eye open for the same saying in the same tacky plastic brown plaque for over 15 years now…..& have never, ever come across one like it. 

Antique shopping yesterday & guess what I found…one word is different, but this speaks to me just as much as the original – yet almost more beautiful with the picture of Christ & written words & the framing. 


Although, for me –

I still love the tacky brown plastic plaque & will continue to look for it!


Julie Marie said…
Your new plaque is beautiful, and I love the old one too... it is the precious memories that keep it so very special to you... as I am out and about at estate sales and such, I will keep my eyes open for one like your grandmother had... I love to search for things for friends... Happy New Year to you Tracie!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I can tell from your posts that you are very sentimental, like me...and family values and traditions are most important to you...xoxo
Anonymous said…
Well I am happy you found a similiar quote.

But, I have a question: Is there a story around why your blog is called fishtail cottage? Is that meaningful too?
I am so happy for you! I love the quote. I know you will think of your grandparents every time you look at it.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Naturally Carol said…
I also love that particular saying. I guess because I like to remember it just for myself!
Unknown said…
wow..a beautiful heartfelt post. brought tears to my eyes. it was no coincidence that you found that very same inspiration in your travels. it was meant to be yours. happy new year to you dear tracie! i will now be on the look-out for that tacky brown plastic plaque and when i find it...i'll send it your way!
Hootin Anni said…
I loved reading your post, what you have for memories. Priceless.

You're gonna really like my post, I think. My Show n Tell Link---where it's kinda fodder for the National Enquirer Tabloids. Do stop by if you can, I'd love your opinion.

Happy New Year
Anonymous said…
How wonderful to find something that brings back such special memories of your grandparents, tracie. :) It's beautiful!
I hope you have a very happy New Year!
Jo :)

p.s. My birdhouse is starting to look more and more weathered, like yours. :)
Annie said…
Thanks Tracie for the kind words. I am so glad you found your treasure at my shop. Your blog is wonderful and I can just see how beautifully your new pieces will fit in you home..It was nice to meet you.
Beautiful quote! We think its always about the story or memories that make the treasure a treasure.

We loved visiting your blog,Happy New Year!

xo Glad & Cel
Mary said…
Hi, I found your blog at My Romatic Home. I love your Grandparents plaque and I hope you find one! After my mom passed away, I looked for and finally found a certain butter dish we always used growing up. It just reminder me of family dinner time. So don't give up the search! I would like to invite you to post this over at my new link party, Masterpiece Monday, at my blog, Boogieboard Cottage. The link is already up. I hope you can join the party!

Happy New Year,
So glad you found this picture. Aren't memories of grandma's house priceless!
Great post. And hopefully someday you'll find your tacky brown version. I have no doubt that you will.
Donnie said…
My MIL gave us a similar plaque 44 years ago when we got married and it has hung in every home we ever lived in. Considering hubby was in the Coast Guard that was a lot of homes. I love the picture you found.
My grandmother had so many little plaques and pictures throughout her house - just like the ones above. What I would give to have one of her tacky, but priceless pieces now that she is gone!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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