100 followers giveaway…

 Winter 2010 CoverI only started blogging in November and already I have met some amazing people who I honestly feel I can call friends.  I was introduced to Blogging by Dore over at Burlap Luxe.  (Thank you Dore) – She and I met through her etsy store & she encouraged me to share my garden by blogging so that others too could enjoy it.  Since then, I’ve been blogging & etsy shopping..lol! 


I’m just so glad this has become something I really enjoy and love looking at so many wonderful blogs and have been inspired by so many!


Sooooooo, I decided to do a giveaway to thank those that have become interested enough in my blog to become a “follower”.  It makes me so happy when you leave me comments and can appreciate what I share.


This give away is for a magazine called Flower.  It has been around for a few years, but new to me.  I loved it so much, that I purchased two so I could share one with one of you!

Take a peek at some of the lovely photo’s inside the magazine that I have shared throughout this post (all pictures are directly from this beautiful magazine. )

I’ve never done this before, so I will follow some guidelines I’ve seen others do.  Two chances to win…


Not only will I send you the Flower magazine…I will send you garden seeds I collected last summer from my own garden for you to throw out in your garden…would love to share with you!!

1. Post a comment below, letting me know you are a follower.

2. Post the give away on your side bar to share with your friends.

(giveaway ends January 28th at 6pm)

xoxo ~ tracie


Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... so happy you started your blog, as I am a faithful follower!... I love seeing all of your beautiful photos, especially of your den you are re~doing, and your stunning gardens... please enter me in your giveaway... I am posting it on my sidebar right now!... xoxo Julie Marie
Hello Tracie, I just found you last week, I also like flowers. I design silk floral arrangement in my gift shop in Ohio. I would love to visit your flower garden! Take care and thanks for sharing with us!!
Verde Farm said…
Tracie, I just found you yesterday and so I’m a new follower but I love your garden and I would be thrilled to win your giveaway :)
Cindy said…
Oh, how I would love to win this, perhaps it would help me with my flower garden next year! So count me in! I just found you this week and became a follower right away.
Hugs, Cindy
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... me again... so happy your little surprise arrived!... xoxo Julie Marie
NanaDiana said…
Congrats on your 100 followers...that is a really good accomplishment for a new blogger! Way to go! I won't ask you to sign me up because I have a copy and I'd like to see it go to someone that doesn't have it. Hugs- Diana
How amazing 100 followers in less than 3 months woo hoo!
Congratulations on a beautiful and successful blog - it's always nice to come visit you here!
Leslie said…
Congrats on the 100 ~ I am already a follower.

I am having a 100th follower giveaway too... come on by.
have a great weekend.
sandra said…
I would love a chance at your give away!!! So fun to meet you during my give away...I am off to the nursery today to get flowers to plant my window boxes for Spring. I love seeing your beautiful gardens and welcome to Blogland :))
mo said…
Hi, What a beautiful magazine. I have never heard of it before. Now, I am glad I have. I am your newest follower. Congrats on 100+! *hugs*
lotusleaf said…
Congrats on your 100 followers! I am already a follower, and I find your posts very interesting. No wonder you have so many followers in such a short time.
mo said…
Hi, I have also added your giveaway to my sidebar over at "Rose Petals from Heaven". *hugs*
michelle said…
Hi Tracie! Congrats on 100! I am so glad that I have met you, you are so talented and inspiring!! I am a happy follower and look forward to seeing more!! What a great magazine, thank you for the chance to win!!
Congratulations, Tracie! This is a great milestone and a wonderful giveaway. I know you love to garden and I do, too...would love those seeds! I am a follower! :-)

Yea for 100! Haven't seen that mag before...looks pretty! I love that chippy pillar a few posts down...never too much chippy, if you ask me!
Alison said…
Wow! 100 followers in such a short time is amazing! Count me in for the giveaway! I'm so glad to find a fellow Western Washington blogger/gardener!
Unknown said…
congratulations on 100 followers here's to many more...
Wanda Lee said…
Hello there Tracie,

Congratulations!..,Wow! ~ 100 followers!

..,(At long last I am on the mend and able to come by and visit you)!..,

~ What a great give-away!~ Please count me in! What a fab magazine and your garden is lovely.., I am now a new follower!

I also so enjoyed your post on tea for last week!..,

What darling little, three footed teacups! ~ Just lovely!.., Thanks so much for sharing these lovelies with us!

Especially thanks so much for joining me for my little corner of, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland' for; 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday'!

Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee
and also
Unknown said…
Your blog is so pretty and I love the photos you share. I'm a follower and I'll post about your generous giveaway on my sidebar.
Burlap Luxe said…
Beautiful new friend, you are way to amazing, thank you for mentioning me in the help and encouragement of getting your message and home style out there for all of us to enjoy in the blog world.

This is sooooo! exciting for you to do your first GiveAway!! Its a beautiful one.

Tracie, as much as I would love the win, please don't add me in on the giveaway. I have won two of them in the last 3 months and I would love for another beautiful blogger have a closer chance to the win without my number counting as a win.

I am sooooo! excited for you, I cannot wait to see who the beautiful winner is :)
Blessings to all in the blogging world.
see you all soon.

Pamela said…
I'm a follower...love, love, love your blog!
Interesting Magazine and beautiful photos never heard about it before. Sorry I got to you back late. I was busy collecting the white 'Crushed Silk' hollyhock and other seeds over the weekend. I just cut the top part off and the seeds were almost ready to burst. It is ready to be send off to you. Please email me your address to my mail diana.demiyah@gmail.com . P.S. I hope you would like to participate "Seed Week" that will start on 22nd~26th January to share your knowledge about growing or collecting seeds, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes or cuttings with other gardener around the globe. I am you follower now and hope to learn much about cottage gardening from you. Have a marvellous weekend. Hugs, Diana.
Anne said…
Hey Tracie, good going! I just "met" Dore myself when she posted a sweet comment on my blog... so glad to have found both your blogs! I am already a follower, and I'll go right now and post the link... Anne
Hi Tracie!

That looks like a lovely magazine. I really like your blog, and am madly in love with your two little chickens! They are the cutest things ever (those hair-dos!)! I've always wanted to have chickens, but am currently living in an apartment in Los Angeles, with 3 cats, so no chickens for me for the time being!

I'm your newest follower, and I've not only added your give-away to the right sidebar on my blog, but I've also added you to My Blog Roll, so count me in!

Good luck to all who enter!

Pamela Gordon said…
Hi Tracie, I just found your comment on my post from last summer. Thanks for stopping by to visit me. I'd be glad to follow your blog and have a chance to win your give-away. I love gardening and flowers and can't wait until spring!
ProjectHope7 said…
am a new follower.. I also love Burlap Luxe! Such a sweet giveaway...

cathy b
pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com
Blue Creek Home said…
Good morning! 100 followers already...congratulations. I am sure you will continue to grow rapidly because you and your blog are both lovely!
Been a follower and have your giveaway posted on my sidebar.
I haven't seen this magazine either - sure looks yummy.
Sharon said…
I'd love to have my name included in the drawing for the giveaway. Just signed up to be a follower.

Your blog is delightful!
Theresa N. said…
I'm following, please sign me up.
Theresa N
Donna Reyne' said…
I just found out about this magazine as well! But I have to drive to Indy to get it...and hour away.
Oh well...maybe I win yours! Yay!
Congrats on the followers! You are on the move girl!
Hi Tracie!
Oh I love magazines especially gardening ones so please put me in for your draw. I'm going now to put you in my side bar :) Hope you have a wonderful day.
Maura :)
I'm a happy follower. I so could use this book to help plan the foral displays at my daughters wedding in July...keeping my fingers crossed:)

I'm posting about your beautiful giveaway on my blog.

Tara said…
Happily following along..xx
Tara said…
I'm also always wanting to dig around in the garden..This book looks so inspirational..xx
Happy 100!!! I am your newest follower.
Smiles, Dottie
Anonymous said…
Me!!! Pick me!! I am your newest follower!
La said…
Congratulations. I'm a new follower. La
La said…
I added your giveaway to my sidebar. La
Olga Poltava said…
Hi! I am your new happy follower, so please add me for your giveaway ;-)
added this to the teatime blog for any last chancers ")) thx Tracie! you're doing a FAB job!
Hi. Thanks for introducing me to your blog, and for leaving the kind comment. I love to garden also, and will look forward to joining your garden link parties. Right now our garden is a winter wetland of rosehips, sticks and sunflower seeds. I look forward to our first buds of spring. Congrats on 100 followers. Would love to see this new magazine.
Thanks for the giveaway!
~ Julie
Hi again. I am your newest follower and just posted your giveaway on my blog side bar.
Thanks again!
~ Julie
Carrie said…
I am your newest follower. I've enjoyed reading your posts on your three-footed teacup collection. They are all so beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your invitation.
I am one of your newer followers and having fun with your blog.

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