Another Three Footed Tea Cup…

I went out on a search for  the perfect Tea Cup for my “Tea Cup Trade” Partner, and during my search,  look what I found!  I always get just so excited when I find one of these treasures because they are so hard to find! Usually when I do find them – they are over my budget to purchase!  However, this little beauty, was tucked behind so many others & when the shop owner dug it out for me to see it was priced at only $10.  I didn’t even think twice about this purchase –  “package it up”  was the statement for me!



002There still isn’t much history I can find on Three Footed Tea Cups, so if anyone has any info. to share – please do!  I do know that they were mostly made in Japan and that they are not real popular with sales, so most antique dealers don’t pick them up when they see them.  Which is maybe why the hunt for them is so much fun for me! Click here to se my collection & why I started.

I am linking up to several Tea Cup Tuesday parties!!! Hope you enjoyed my post today!!! xoxo, Tracie

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Unknown said…
What a beauty you found!

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Have a beauatiful eve ~
Hugs, Marydon
Custom Comforts said…
What a sweet little teacup. I've never seen one like that before, but I'm sure your teacup trading partner will love it. What a lucky lady!
So beautiful. Love the shape and the pretty floral design. Beautiful. Such a wonderful treasure. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty
Lesa said…
I've never seen a footed teacup! what a treasure-- and so thrifty!
That is one pretty little teacup! I don't own a three footed teacup but will definitely be keeping my eye out for one. Thanks for joining me for my tea party and helping me celebrate. Have a wonderful week.

Precious little tea cup! What a GREAT find!
Your teacup swap partner is going to love it. The flower colours are nice and will add a unique set to their collection.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the great tea cup I found this weekend...but this darling tea cup in this post was added to my personal collection of tea cups with three feet. I found my "trading partner" something extra special just for her that I'm excited to send! Will post my gift to her another day, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!!! xoxo
Tracie, this is another lovely footed teacup! Love the yellowish floral and very unique too! love it! thanks for sharing and wishing you great day!
This is really wonder they are so sought after! I love the pattern, so pretty. And what a deal. I wish you much luck in finding more for your collection!

Pamela said…
Oh, it's a beauty for sure. I'm so happy you could add it to your collection. I'm off for some thrifting tomorrow and hope for find a treasure. :-)
Donnie said…
I have a few 3 footed teacups from my mother and grandmother but they never sit right on the saucer. They always seem to have one leg shorter than the others. Maybe that's normal. Loved yours though.
It's beautiful, I'm a sucker for the soft yellows and browns. I have seen those designs before, and I collect china, but I've not researched the three footed cup. They're so elegant. You found a true treasure, xoxo tami
Victoria said…
That is so pretty and definitely unique, I've never even seen a teacup with feet before but I think it would feel very feminine and fancy to drink out of one:)
Olive said…
I find odd numbers far more interesting that that includes tea cup feet!
Hi: I love three footed tea cups. There is something so delicate looking about them. You really feel special when you use them. This one is just stunning. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha
Cindy said…
That is certainly a lovely little teacup, they are rare and that makes them very special.
Julie Marie said…
Really pretty Tracie... you can just pack it up and send it my way, to go in my collection of three footed teacups, tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie
Leslie said…
I have never seen anything like it, gorgeous!!!!
Good Morning Tracie!
What a wonderful surprise to find your favorite kind of tea cup...and at a good price no less. Good for you. I love your collection and especially how you started it. I've been looking for these tea cups since your post and I still haven't seen any...I can see why you love the hunt. Have fun hunting for more and in the meantime enjoy your prize! Have a great day.
Maura :)
La said…
Great teacup! I like the three footed cups as well. Auctions are a great place to pick up teacups because most people don't bid on them.
Sure you can advertise with us:) And if you blog about it, it will bring more sellers and buyers. If you sign up once it will always be on the site. It will be posted every Tuesdays. It is really fun and a great way to do business and meet some great people. I am a follower of your blog and love it:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens
Kathy said…
Oh, isn't this little cup just perfectly lovely! I am from Texas, so I am a soft touch for yellow roses. Amazing collection as well.
Donna said…
That is just beautiful! I love it! I hope to find a new cup soon. My daughter and I plan to go shopping next week. :o)Thanks for linking up to my tea party.

Honey at 2805 said…
This is a real heart-stopper!
Marie said…
I really like this teacup! I like the four legs and the dainty scallop shape. Awesome find!
Pellie / Penny said…
What a find. I love the yellow roses as well as its unique three footednes.

Happy Teacup Tuesday.

Luvly find Tracie!
i'm sure Ruth, Antiques and Teacups blog, one of our TeaCup Traders, who deals in teacups as her trade, will help you out. what i know, having hunted for my best friend, is that they were the shower gift of choice for a certain time - maybe wartime?-not sure and were also giveaways for purchasing particular food products-maybe cereals?
totally luved your post :) Well Done!
Wow! what a great find, I love it.. ....My husband just found one for me at a Estate sale. You will never guess what it was priced at $5.00! yep and then since it was the last day of the sale it was half it was $2.50 I almost fell over!!!
and its a beauty.. the people running the sale did not know what they had! I know I really need to post my tea cups for you to see, since we LOVE our three legged cups..
Loved your post! have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth
Kathy said…
You have the sweetest three-footed teacups! So lovely, Hope you're having a wonderful day,
parTea lady said…
That is a wonderful footed teacup. The shape is great and the gold trim is so pretty.
Snap said…
Beautiful little footed teacup! Lovely find. Perfect for your collection.
Erin said…
That is so pretty, I love the wavy shape of the cup and plate!
Wanda Lee said…
Hi there Tracie,

I'm delighted that you joined us once again with the fun for TTTT as well as for the 67th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two'; our little corner of, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland!..,

I just love your three legged teacup; so pretty! ~ Thanks fo sharing it's charming, loveliness with all of us!..,

Have a wonderful week!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
and also

P. S. ~ Sorry I was so late this week in posting due to technical difficulties, (especially with my, 'The Plumed Pen' blog).
Hi dear,
I have no three footed tea cup but I find them very sophisticated. And the yeelow roses are so nice. Love that.
Greetings, Johanna
paperbutterfly said…
This is a perfect teacup! Someone will be so pleased. Hope you share the teacup you receive.
Thank you for joining us today.
As always it was a pleasure. Look forward to seeing you soon at TTTT.
Have a blessed week.
What a sweet find!! love the precious little feet. Thanks for linking up with VIF!

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