Cottage Books & Magazines…

I never really thought about how many books and magazines I store around the house…I guess it’s quite an investment I’ve made!!!   Some are just displayed because they are beautiful!


My favorites are anything to do with Cottage Garden and Design. I refer back to these magazines and books throughout the year depending on the season! 

So much information and ideas are  found that give me new inspiration & gives me plenty to plan for. 


Decorating magazines and books help me escape into the pages of these lovely homes.  I imagine most of these homes do not have children because they are just too pretty and untouched. 

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060I love a recent post by Life in the Fun Lane – about what really goes on in most of our homes while staging for the photo’s we share…its called “Reality”!!!  Sometimes when I upload a post, I see Charlie, my Shih tzu in the picture or some random accessory I am so used to seeing, I didn’t even notice it when I took the picture!

A few heirloom books…the Mickey Mouse Books below is what I learned to read first, now my daughter keeps them safe in her room!


I have a sitting room in the master bedroom where I have miscellaneous books stored. 


This is my collection of Victoria Magazine (1999 – 2001)


Now, don’t laugh….I’m not really interested in cooking! I’ve tried – but I have such picky eaters…that its just not worth the energy!  so here is my stash of dust collecting Cook Books! Not many, right?


Anyway – I hope you enjoy seeing the way some of my books and magazines are displayed, as they are always at arms length & easy for me to get to!

Happy Reading Day…

xoxo, Tracie

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NanaDiana said…
Tracie- I am such a magazinaholic too..Gardening, decorating, crafting...sigh..I am convinced that what I have is a sickness.

I have every Romantic Home issue since they started and a few years ago they sold binders for most of my older ones are neatly in binders now.

Love your old Mickey Mouse books...and how cute that your daughter has them in her room now. I love books, I see you do. The problem is finding the time to read! Hugs--Diana
Kammy said…
I too have an addiction to books ! Love them and they come in handy !
Naturally Carol said…
I usually pass all my magazines on to others to read! I haven't got a lot of room to store them. By the way I'm giving away an apron this week.
I have a lot of magazines too - yours are so organized! I need to get a system!
Thanks for sharing!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, I love all your magazines and books, I want to come sip coffee with you and look at all of them!... I see alot of Nature and bird books too... I love your vintage scales with your cookbooks!... and of course I love all your old Victorias, my favorite... I am only missing a couple through the years since I bought my very first one, the Premier issue back in 1987!... I also love to see what homes really look like every day, not just staged for a photo shoot... thanks for sharing!... xoxo Julie Marie
Anne said…
Oh Tracie, I could spend at least a week at your house reading those books!!
Good Morning Tracie!
Don't you just love books and magazines...I just can't seem to get enough of them. Since moving to the country into this little cottage I just don't have room for a lot of my magazines so I'm afraid most of them are in boxes in our storage building outside. You've got some real nice ones that I'd LOVE to read...nice collection and nicely displayed too. I like having my magazines close at hand. Enjoy your reading and have a wonderful week!
Maura :)
Southern Lady said…
Hi, Tracie ...

Thank you for stopping by my Southern Lagniappe blog, and for taking the time to leave a comment. I'm so glad it led me to your "Fishtail Cottage."

I appreciate your invitation to participate in your Cottage Flora Thursdays, and will look forward to getting to know you better through your stories and pictures.


I love magazines too....although (*shock, horror*) I got rid of some today from before 2004. I just found they'd begun to date. My absolute favourite magazine is a British one called Country Homes and Interiors. Complete gorgeousness!!

And don't get me started on my interior books...I could happily chatter about them all day!!

Very pleased indeed to be your new follower!

terrid614 said…
i just discovered your blog and it's adorable! i just bought a rachel ashwell shabby chic book at my fav thrift store! thanks for sharing! i am your latest follower!!! xo
It's wonderful to meet another book and magazine addict. Not so much into magazines these days, since many of my favorites aren't around and there are so many quality blogs to read that do the same thing for me. Your collection of Victoria reminds me of my former collectioin of EVERY issue of Victorian Sampler/Romantic Homes ... when we moved her three years ago, I gave away almost all of my magazines, and I truly haven't missed them. My books, OTOH ... I guard them with my life. :)
Erin said…
Love your scales with your cookbooks and you have quite the collection, I'd love to visit your library!
OMG, I have so many magazines that I'm running out of places to put them... I love how you have your so organized! I have went thru before and made folders with my favorite pictures, and I really need to do that again!!!
Blessings~~~ Daphne
Burlap Luxe said…
Wow Tracie,
I thought I was bad with all the books and magazines. I am going through some of mine and giving them away and donating some of them. I am sure I will start adding to the shelves, and table tops. I am like you girl they just look so peaceful with the decor.

Thank you for sharing :)
Maggie said…
Hi Tracie,
I'm a bookaholic too and love to be surrounded by them. Your collection of Victoria magazines is impressive.
But, I do love cooking and have more cookbooks than decorationg ones. At the last count I had 9 Jamie Olivers, and 2 of those I didn't even realise I had, until I checked!
Kathy said…
Love collecting books - old, new, cooking - reading, decorating...magazines - I recently tried to downsize a collection of Country Living etc...lack of storage space - Goodwill wouldn't take them - found myself thumbing through them again - a delight.
Of course, for me - Victoria is a collectible! I have all classic and the new - a delight -
Hope you have a wonderful day,
Lynn said…
Love this post as I am worse than you! I simply cannot throw out a magazine. Yes, sometime I actually do tear out an article, recipe or something inspirational and I do have hard copy files for those items but......
Never could I throw out Victoria, Romantic Home, Romanatic Country and all the beautiful hard covered books. I have donated to Good Will at time when I really had to make more room if I wanted any current publications coming into my home. Should I tell you that even then, the parting was too difficult and I found my book and bought it back! My hubby and I love to do the antique stores but now on retirement budget most items as just "eye candy". However, the other day I was enchanted with my bag of 5 vintage Good Housekeeping magazines, 50 cents each, good condition and I was thrilled. On your shelf you have a Nursery Rhymes and Songs, I read that to my own children. Ahh the beautiful memories. I am also a mom that made a huge deal out of getting each of my children a library card when they were 3. See why this post just touched me soul?, lol. Blessings.

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