Cottage Flora Thursday’s #3

So beautiful are Cottage Garden’s adorned in statuary’s and wrought iron. 

A little cherub hangs from the main archway to the house. 

Love cherubs in the garden – there is a sense of peace finding them in garden nooks.


I have loved watching these bird baths grow various annuals around them and have seen them enjoyed by many species of birdies.


I acquired this windmill from a family member after their passing – so lovely to se that life of this beauty has carried on her spirit.018

Just a few of my Cement urns awaiting a floral display of flowers…


Most of my whimsy décor is stored for winter – but looks like these goodies were forgotten & spent a few cold nights outdoors…


Many birdhouses are set throughout the garden – love the business they inhabit in the spring.  (some are a little tipsy today, from the winds we have been experiencing here).


Sprinkle a little bird seed in these feeders - for the wondering birdies…


Although this is emptied and off for the winter, in the summertime, all sorts of birds come for a splash and a visit for water.  Next to it, I have nyjer provided for a snack.



Sitting on the bench to enjoy the “life of my garden” is one of my favorite places to be…


Happy Cottage Flora Thursday’s…& be sure to enter my “Cottage Giveaway”.



Although it's cold, your garden looks very welcoming. I'd love to see it in the spring and summer. Your cherubs and birdhouses are precious...the birdies must love you!!

Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... love all your pretty garden decorations... your windmill looks wonderful and how nice it carries precious memories of a loved one... I really love all of your birdhouses and feeders and baths... and the moss growing in the little standing feeder looks so pretty!... I know how you feel about just sitting out on your bench in your garden all day, I love to do the same thing!... Can hardly wait to see all of your beautiful flowers come to life once more and all the little birdies who visit there!... thanks for hosting this delightful party... makes me think Spring really is coming soon!... xoxo Julie Marie
Donna Reyne' said…
You have an amazing Garden!
I have a thing for garden statues and such as well!I love the patina that old iron and concrete have after many years!
I also love the bring these elements indoors!
I love gardening so much that I kind of surround myself with it year round
Hi there~ your garden is beautiful! I am sharing my backyard pergola this week- Thanks for hosting! :)
Tracie, what a pretty garden. I love love love the windmill, and so nice it's a family heirloom. Beautiful, sending hugs your way on this lovely Thursday, had no idea you had a link party, I'll try to join sometime. xoxo tami
I like little cherubs and garden ornaments too. I also have a windmill in my vegetable garden. All of these things are what makes gardening so much fun! I call it 'exterior' decorating.(-: Thank you for hosting.
I LOVE all your goodies in your yard! I can NEVER have enough yard art! Birdhouses & Baths, AHHH, they are so beautiful! LOVE your windmill, and how lucky you are to have it and it's memories of loved ones!!! Thank you So much for hosting... Hugs to you, Donna
michelle said…
Love you windmill and all your garden decor! The birdhouses are just perfect! I love seeing little surprises throughout gardens like yours! :) I linked up a garden that I would love, maybe one day! :)
What a lovely garden! Thank you for inviting me to join the party. I am currently recovering from shoulder surgery, so it is difficult to get outside and take pictures, but I am signing up as a follower and when I can I would love to join the party!
Country Livin' said…
I love your garden and all the birdhouses etc. I have always loved the look of a more whimsical garden. We have so much snow here that the garden is buried. I cant wait to get outside again and start planting!
Trish xo
Martha said…
You have some lovely garden things -- that is what makes a garden so pretty in the winter!
Burlap Luxe said…
Oh what beauties peeking through your garden.
Thank you for sharing your windmill and the spirit behind it.

See you soon girl!
No need to visit unless you see something new you have to comment on :)


PS. That road trip sounded great!!! Girlie on a trip oh my what trouble could we get into :)
Decorate, design, decorate :)
So many treausures in your garden. I have been looking for bird bath for some time. I really like to have one like yours. Warm hugs, Diana
Donna said…
Your garden is like pretty but quiet and thoughtful. Beautiful photos! I wanted you to know that though I don't normally do a post just for someone's party, I did tonight's post for your party. :o) I'm glad I did..though I had to take a very cold and damp walk..I'm glad I did though. It was like going on a treasure hunt. :o)

Thanks for hosting this party. :o)
Donna @ Comin' Home
Christie said…
The garden is so beautiful in winter or spring! I am excited about your link party! One lady in Georgia had a 'backyard' link, but she discontinued it! I will look forward to posting some outdoor and garden posts! I am your new follower! Thanks!
Bren Haas said…
Thank you so much for including me Tracie. I think it is important to share the love of growing veggies and blooms! We need to food to live and the blooms to be healthy!

Happy Thursday to you dear garden friend.
Kathy said…
Love Garden Parties!
I love the whimsy decorative items add to a garden - Love all you have - looking forward to watching your garden blossom as the warmer weather approaches!
God Bless,
Rita's Recipes said…
Thanks for the party invitation. I love all the birdhouses on your post!
Victoria said…
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Yours is lovely, I love all your garden cherubs. I will link up to your party and am now following you (the fuzzy grey icon, it's supposed to be cherubs but you really can't tell!). Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Marie Arden said…
Love your garden pictures always nice to meet another blogger in love with gardening! I grow pink and white peonies and lots of other pink flowers. I will be back soon.
Marie Arden Pink Living
Erin said…
I love your garden and all of what I see in it!!! I am going to link up and follow along!
Cindy said…
You have a truly wonderful Winter garden. I love all of your stone pieces, urns and cherubs and the bird baths. Very lovely!
Hugs, Cindy
sooo much to enjoy!
thx for sharing beauty with us...
hoping you received your TeaCup Trade partner & can spend some time getting to know ea other :)
Have FUN!!
Verde Farm said…
You have some beautiful garden elements. The urns are gorgeous and I love your birdbaths and houses. I can’t get enough bird houses. They are one of my favorite things to find :)
Beautiful Garden!!! Thank you for the party...I'm your newest follower thanks to Kathy at a Delightsome Life!
Carole said…
Hi Tracie,
Opps got here too late. I'll try for next Thursday! Thanks for the invite!
Tootsie said…
I can't find your Fertilizer Friday post!!! You are in the linky ...but there isn't a post! can you direct me to it? this was a nice post...I love cherubs in the garden too
g.suzie said…
I can't wait to follow your blog through spring, summer, and fall to see the transformation of the seasons!
Beautiful cottage pictures. . .
Have a great week!
Donnie said…
Looks like a lovely "secret garden". Love all your photos.

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