Cottage Flora Thursday’s #4

WHAT I FOUND…So I was walking the garden to see what is waking up up from winters nap this week & just look at what I found! 


Dug up, chewed up, spit out garden bulbs…oh, I feel like setting up a camera outdoors just to see who the culprit is.  And look at this one.  just dug up, gnawed on just enough to ruin the bulb completely – ugggh!


Now I know how Mr. McGregor felt when Peter Rabbit invaded the garden.  Funny how upset I get when it comes to my gardens progress!!! Even though I have hundreds of bulbs out there coming up – just a couple in a prime location being devoured can really make me mad!  Below is a picture of what they should be looking like right now…


Here is a couple goodies that I found happy in their place this week!

This beautifully variegated plant is – & is called Arum Italicum- is also known as Orange Candleflower because of its 12-14" spike of vivid orange berries. This exotic plant puts on a show from late spring until fall. It produces creamy white flowers that appear first followed by the striking berries. The show isn't over yet as white speckled leaves appear and last into winter. This is truly a plant for all seasons. I remember planting these last February, but they disappeared from the garden during the summer months…they are back & had to figure out what they were again to share with you!  I’ll share more photo’s with you when I get some blooms!


& of course most of you know this one, Heather.  This variety is called “Mediterranean Pink Heather”. There are about 1,500 different varieties of heather. Growth habits vary from dwarfs to two inches high ground covers – & can even be found as a small shrub averaging six feet tall. Flowers are bell shaped, about two mm across. Attracts bees, butterflies & hummingbirds due to it’s high nectar content. In the early 1600’s European physicians used this as a medicinal herb as an antidote against bee stings and venomous bites.  Propagated by using seeds in a greenhouse like setting. Heather requires mild acidic soils and exposure to sunlight. (will tolerate light shade) This is a very hardy plant & is a great filler in the forefront of any gardens!  I love it that it gives my garden bed a “pop of color” this time of year!


Happy Gardening! & thanks for linking up!

xoxo, Tracie

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Donna said…
How beautiful Tracie! I love how you capture the little buds peeking up from the ground. Really stunning photos. :o)

Donna @ Comin' Home
Thanks for the info on the plants...I think I might like to plant heather this garden is mostly pink, purple and blue! I have a few pops of other colors but these shades I really love!

I hope you are able to figure out how to keep the bunnies away...they totally destroyed my veggies last summer.

Julie Marie said…
Hi sweetie... sorry someone ate your bulbs!... you know me and my love of critters tho', they gotta eat too!... you will need to set down some ground rules for them, like I had to with the Hawk who visits my yard!... love your Heather, one of my all time favorites!... I have my post up, but don't see your linky thing? Will check back in just a bit... love to you!... xoxo Julie Marie
Donna said…
Tracie, I forgot to say just how much I love the information you share! It's quite an education. :o) I took the trouble to actually look up the names of the pretty things around our home. I was so glad I did. However, I have one bush that I just can't figure out. Perhaps you can help me. :o)
Julie Marie said…
Got it!... xoxo Julie Marie
Char said…
it looks like someone had the late night munchies, Char
Unknown said…
Such wonderful shares you give to us Tracie. Usually it is our squirrels that eat our bulbs but I did find a deer digging them up one day. You have me itching for spring with all those florals.

We are in the middle of a fabulous blizzard ... yippee!

Have a great eve ~
NanaDiana said…
Okay- just lost my post...ugh...anyway..what I said was that we lose a lot of bulbs to those crazy squirrels too. However, they don't touch the daffodil bulbs so we have a lot of those...and now, after seeing your blog, I am really starting to long for spring. Hugs-Diana
The last days of winter and the first days of spring are so exciting our winters are relativley mild and quite short really only 2 months of cold weather but still I am quite iver it at the end as I am sure you must be too:)
Naturally Carol said…
I have finally got some pictures to share! It has taken a while.
Your garden is wakening up from slumber like Sleeping Beauty. I cannot wait to see how your garden look in Spring. Thank you for inviting me again. I was not very sure whether I could post my sunflower link or not. I am happy you drop by cause I am very shy ;-).
You are so ahead of us...the snow is just now melting...but YES...spring is coming! The photos below are precious!
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie,
Hi! Thank you so much for the invitation to join in on Cottage Flora Thursday. It was so sweet of you. I hope my garden brings some delight to you and your lovely garden friends. What joy flowers bring into our lives! It might take me a few minutes to get all connected here!
Have a wonderful day,
Lona said…
Oh dear. Those little varmints are after your bulbs. Your heath looks so pretty.I have three little patches of it on a bank by the garage. I love the little looms. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a fab week.
Iben said…
Hejsa :)

What a beautiful house you have, love that you found me, so that I found You :) :)

Have a lovely weekend

Masha said…
Great pictures of heather! I like this plant too. Your cottage is beautiful, so elegant and romantic. Thank you for stopping by on my blog, I am glad you did!
Donna Reyne' said…
I love heather but for us here in Indiana it is only a cut flower.
I finally was able to link up with you and used an old post!
I hope you have a beautiful rest of the week!
Sorry about the bulbs!
Hi Tracie~
I wanted to get back to you about Blue Bird pics.. sorry they are not for sale. Honestly, I'm not sure how I ended up on that blog. I had joined a "blog Hop" on another blog which was just to share "lovelies" from around your house. Hmmmm..... I haven't been blogging very long so I hope I haven't goof things up! Blog & learn, right?! Lol! With today's weather here in Portland, it feels like spring. Yippeeee!!
Love your pics & comments.
Hugs, Raylene
Burlap Luxe said…
Beautiful Tracie,
How does your garden grow!!
It is the soulful touches you add here and there. The beautiful vintage garden bits that add charm. I love when something is a perfect surprise in the garden.

Enjoy all the beauty inside and out.

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment to my soulful piece.
Inspiring beauty with things lost to otheres.

What a great blog party to join. When I have something other than snow and ice I will enter too:) You know, 'something' was killing my chickens every night when they lived in their last coop. I was so upset. We couldn't find a way into the coop. So I put out flour and the next morning, sure enough another dead chicken. But this time foot prints! Raccoon foot prints. And they lead right to the small area where it was getting in. We fixed it and the raccoon had to go else where to eat. Maybe he is at your house;)
~Debrs xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens
ladyestelle said…
I can not see the ground right now. I have a 3 foot pile of snow in my little garden space. We are expecting a foot or more on Saturday. I can not wait to see the ground again.
Teresa said…
How fun to have bulbs poking their little heads up! Mine are all still in survival mode.
Those first signs of spring sure do your heart good, don't they?
Debra Howard said…
I wish I had posted about the little buds coming up now. Oh well, maybe next time I can enter. It is so exciting when we start seeing those little buds of life.
thank you so much for your comment so i found you;o))You have a wonderful house and garden!!!! So pretty!!!! And of course you can link up my blog to Cottage Flora Thursdays:o))))
Have a nice weekend!!
cherry said…
Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to rambling around your home & gardens and would love to join you sometimes for your Flora Thursdays. hugs from Savannah, Cherry
i-Pünktchen said…
Hello and welcome to my blog "i-Pünktchen".
It's nice to have you "here" and it would be great to be linked at your blog.
Unfortunately today it's not enough time to read on your blog but i will do it at the weekend :o)

Best regards and a sunny weekend, Iris

Hope you understand what I write. My English lessons were many years ago :O))
i-Pünktchen said…
Here I am againg.
Best regards sounds very formal.
So I will send you my best wishes... :o)
Linda said…
We had a gopher in the yard that ate a lot of the bulbs this year sad...but I think he had his fill and is gone least I hope so! I love all your bulbs just starting...ours are too...where they were left!
Anne said…
Glad I wasn't too late to join! I love your garden party! We still have snow to come,but I did notice bulbs sprouting under the leaf cover...and the squirrels dug up the daffodils I planted in pots on my deck!
Becca's Dirt said…
Well you did find some things coming up. I'll be linking up maybe this Thur. Have a good day.

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