Matchy Tea Party….

Can you even see it? 

018So funny how “matchy matchy” this set is!  It even matches the toile tablecloth. 


I purchased this set as when my girls were little – it is a set we used to have tea parties……such fun memories for them and me!


They would get dressed up in their glittered dresses, cinderella high healed shoes with a  missing diamond clip their plastic shoes, fluffy boa’s wrapped around their little necks & last years easter hats upon their little heads…025they would apply uneven lipstick of course & load up their little tea cups with cubes and cubes of sugar…




Now this set just sits on the shelf awaiting the days of another tea party…


Happy Tea Party!

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It's so pretty! I'm a huge fan of red and white china. Just love it.
Hi Tracie, What a pretty set, and even better memories, precious:-)
Love a tea party and what a lovely set.

missshawna said…
Love your blog. Thank you for visiting mine. It's always so much fun to start from scratch and pick everything out. My husband says I have "gypsy blood" because I love to move, but I think I just love to redecorate. Your home looks so cozy and warm.
Happy White Wednesday,
what a darling set! and loving the memories - brings back my own :) THX !
Naturally Carol said…
I would love to see a pic one day of you having a tea party with your friends or family! It is such a pretty set...I suppose with toile there are certain specific colours they use.
Your blog is so beautifull! Thank you for visiting mine.
I love this pretty set! Its specific motifs does look like toile de jouy. So beautiful!
Best regards,
Sounds like great fun - we all remember things like that from childhood - my grandmother had a cup with a frog in the bottom - its eyes emerged from the tea as you drank - i loved that cup
KathyB. said…
Tea parties with little girls, so precious! I now have 6 granddaughters to enjoy tea parties with me, so your little set will come in handy sooner than you think!
Tara said…
I love making memories with my children..The kids may grow but the memories still stay ..xx
such a lovely set with full of wonderful memories!. precious! reminds me of my own tea parties with my children too!.
Very pretty teaset! When my girls were younger we played with theirs all the time. Those are really happy memories!

O MY!! This sweet set just made my heart go pitter patter!! I love transfer ware and this set is so stunning!!
And what wonderful memories that you have about this set!! How lucky you are to have those wonderful memories!!

Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your little teaset is so pretty and so full of memories! I would love to see your precious little girls all dressed up in their high heels and boas!... I would love a tea party with you anytime!... (I don't own a boa though... but I could come up with something fancy to wear!)... xoxo Julie Marie
NanaDiana said…
LOVE IT! I love little girls' tea sets and this one is perfect! I have always loved transferware, too. Hugs- Diana
Hi Tracie,
What a darling tea set and don't you have lovely memories attached to it! I adore the transferware! So, so pretty! Thank you for sharing and thanks for joining me for tea. It's a real pleasure to visit with you. Hope you have a lovely week.

LOVE your header!!!!I am your newest follower:) The tea set you have is so charming. I love how you have it displayed:) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you can join us next week for Bloggers' Bodega:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens
Rebecca said…
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment,
Your blog is lovely and I love your header, is that your yard... it is gorgeous.
Blessings today
mo said…
Yes, I can see it and it is so lovely. What a beautiful keepsake. *hugs*
Precious memories and such a beautiful teaset. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty
Anonymous said…
This set is quite precious...looks lovely on your shelf...

Such a sweet tea set, and how wonderful to have your little gals to make such precious memories!
Terri said…
Your tea set is very pretty, and the colors are fab. It sounds like you had a wonderful time using it with your daughters. What fun memories!
Anonymous said…
What sweet memories, Tracie! My little girls and I used to do the same thing... now they're too big for tea parties. :(
Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!
Jo :)
Lynn said…
What a lovely tea set! The tablecloth is so pretty too. I remember those days ... tea parties with my daughter and her friends. Such nice memories. Thanks for sharing today. Your home looks so inviting.
Best to you,
Lynn at Cottage and Creek
What a darling tea set! I'm glad you keep it where you can see it often! Such a sweet memory!
Hi: I love the matchy, matchy! Too cute. Thank you for joining our Tea Cup Tuesday. It is so much fun to see everyones treasures. Hope to see you next week. Blessings, Martha
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, How sweet! I love your tea set and your description of tea parties with your girls. That is precious! Thanks so much for linking up to my Tuesday Tea. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to do a post that I can link up to for your Flora Thursday. I usually post my 'housekeeping and organzing' posts on Thursdays...but Fridays are more for pretties. :O)

Beth said…
Tracie, Your teaset is beautiful! I hope someday soon you can enjoy a tea party with it.
Blessings, Beth
A lovely tea set. So full of wonderful memories.
paperbutterfly said…
WOW! The teaset awaits the grandchildren. You will have many more memories to make with this set.
Love your blog. Your house looks so inviting and the gardens are lovely.
Thank you for sharing it with Tea Pots and Tea Things
Look forward to seeing you soon and what you share next1
Blessings, Pam
Theresa said…
That is a fabulous tea set. Have a lovely weekend. Terri at
Jenny's Heart said…
What a lovely set and what wonderful memories!
Sounds like it's time for tea...
Lynn said…
Your tea set is lovely, but even nicer must be the memories of those tea parties. It looks so nice on the shelf too.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful!!!! and I LOVE your blog, glad I found you and I am your newest follower!! I hope you'll come by and visit me often!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!!
♥ Babbs
Unknown said…
G'morn T ~ I so love this tea set, haven't seen this pattern before. We do tea parties, impromptu or not, for the kid-ligns all the time ... memories in the making, fun at the time.

Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
Mari said…

Lady Katherine said…
Such a lovely Tea Set with special memories! You need to have it one day for Tea! Grown up girls love Tea too! I know I do! Thank You for joining me for Tea Time

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