Three footed tea cups…


I started my tea cup collection shortly after my Grandmother died (13 years ago).  I inherited her collection of look but don’t touch tea cups she always had displayed on her pine hutch.  Amongst the mix of tea cups were a few that were different than the others. I found that was the year I started antiquing and realized how hard to come by these types of tea cups are to find.  Which is why the hunt for them is so much fun!  I’ve collected some, been gifted a few my collection has grown over the years.  However, when we moved from our old house to this one, the mistake of putting them all in the same box happened.  Now I don’t know which were hers & which are mine.  It saddens me a little to not remember who’s is who’s, but then again – I don’t have the philosophy of look but don’t touch.  If it is in my home….it should be used! We’ve had glorious tea parties big and small using all of my tea cups – with so much sugar cubes in the girls cups that the spoons had to come up for air from so much sugar.  Good memories!!! Now they sit quiet on the shelf awaiting a tea party for anyone who asks!


Wanted to share my collection with all of you who in hopes you think of me whenever you see a tea cup with three feet!

It fascinates me that these cups had a life before me, curious where they are from & who had them, would love to know the stories they hold secret.

I love all the shapes & sizes of the cups & only purchase floral ones.  In all my years of collecting, I’ve only duplicated a “find” once & broke one in the move…

 Thank you for visiting & please share with me what you collect & why it fascinates you?



These teacups are so pretty ,it made me think I do not think I have ever seen a 3 footed or any feet for that matter teacup ,I will be on the lookout now but perhaps they never made it to Australia?
Naturally Carol said…
Hi Tracie, I will think of you whenever I see one of these again, because I have never seen one before! They are georgeous. I am like you and regularly have tea parties with all by 'granny' cups and plates...why not!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... oooh, your collection of three~footed teacups is fabulous!... I do believe your violet one is the very same one as mine that you commented on on my post that day... like you, I am always on the hunt for these priceless treasures... and I love that you too daydream about the previous owners and the precious memories they carry... they are all so beautiful, I simply cannot pick a favorite one... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie
Anonymous said…
Oh Tracie

I have that yellow and gold one. It used to be my husbands grandmothers. I used to think it was really ugly, because it had no flowers on it. But, over the years have grown to love it, as it is one but few heirlooms we have.
Hi Tracie,
Beautiful! we have some of the same tea-cups..
I have had so much company since Thanksgiving that I have not had a chance to visit..or even update my blog.
I left my camera at my daughters house over Christmas so I can't pictures, but I will soon and show you mine.
I wonder the same thing where they came from. I have the demi size three legged cup too.
I loved your post!!!
Happy New Year and big hugs, Elizabeth
Love them, they're beautiful!
I collect most things French, old and definitely chippy, rustic and always, romantic to my heart.

Happy week, Tracie!
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous tea cup collection! I love the little feet on the cups, so dainty and elegant. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog....Happy New Year!

Hi Tracie!
What beautiful teacups...I don't remember ever seeing 3 legged ones but they are beautiful! That's too bad that you can't remember which are yours and which were your Grannies but that's not the important thing. It's that she started you collecting and that you think of her when you look at yours. I will certainly think of you if and when I ever see one! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Maura :)
Unknown said…
What a beautiful selection of tescups, my friend (also a Tracie) collects teacups & she would adore these. They are very cute.
Happy New Year to you Tracie hope you had a good one & a fabulous Christmas
Sarah x
Connys Cottage said…

wat a wunderful cottage.
You Colektion is sooo sweeet.
I like ity.

greatings send you Conny
Kathy said…
There are some wonderful teacup and tea blog parties that I'm sure they'd love to see your beautiful teacups. I have links to them on my latest A Return to Loveliness post.
Kerrie said…
A beautiful, beautiful collection! I have some of my Mom's teacups and saucers and refuse to give up even the broken ones that Hubby fixes for me-ha!
Lynn said…
Very pretty tea cups! The one with the snowflake caught my eye, it's snowing here now:@)
Where do you keep them? Would be nice to see your display HappyPS.Laura
Char said…
beautiful collection of three footed teacups. I have never seen many of them and they are just wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday, Char
such precious treasures! love all the cups esp with roses on it! however they are all so unique!.. yeap and perfect for any tea parties to come! Enjoy! happy PS!
Holly said…
These teacups are so lovely! You are right - they must hold such beautiful stories of elegant times gone by. You might stop over at Faith, Hope, and Cherrytea as she is doing a teacup swap.
Happy Pink Saturday!
lovely collection, tracie! thankyou for inviting me over! i have the pleasure of hunting down 3 footed cups for gift for a friend who collects them :) we're both violet lovers!
glad you've joined us for the teacup xchange ~
would you consider adding a link to your sidebar? any teacup picture with a link to my TeaCup Trade post will be lovely... many thx!
Abramyan Avenue said…
You have a beautiful collection!! I love them all. I was having a difficult time choosing just one I liked the best! I too have lots of tea sets but my husband doesn't like china cabinets so all my sets are neatly boxed up in my closet! One day they will see the light!! haha! Thanks for sharing your lovely collection!~
Donnie said…
I have my grandmothers teacups up north and one of them is 3 legged. I never thought much about it. Your sets are just lovely. Happy Pink Saturday.
Gail said…
You have some wonderful tea cups there, the yellow one is a real stand out (and I don't normally care for yellow things, other then flowers, grin).
Happy PS
Hello Tracie,
I have seen treee footed cups very seldom. You have a stunning collection of those beautys. Each niver then the next. How lovely that you inherited some of your Granny. She would have loved to see how you treasure her cups. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice time.
Greetings, Johanna
Linda said…
What a gorgeous collection of three footed cups you have. I'm enjoying visiting those that join in Tea Tim Tuesday as this was my first tea party.
Snap said…
There is no way I could pick a favorite among your beautiful footed tea cups! They are a gorgeous collection. Happy Tea Day!
Each one is exquisite. I love them all, such beautiful colors and patterns. Fabulous. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty
ladyestelle said…
Oh my,
I have a three legged tea cop I brought online about 5 years ago. I use all of my collection except this one. I know it was special. Now I will have to do some research myself on it.
I will post a picture on my blog of my cup and any information I find on it.
Thank You for sharing your lovely collection.
Lady Estelle
Hi Tracie,
Oh my, I feel like I have gone to teacup heaven! You have so many beauties with three feet! Each one is so lovely and I can't possibly choose a favourite. I'm glad you were able to get your grandmother's teacups! What fun you and your children must have with your tea parties! Thank you for joining my tea party and it's been a real pleasure to 'meet' you! I like your blog so much that I have become a follower. Wishing you a splendid day.

Hello Tracie, Oh, What a beautiful collection you have! My next post is going to be about my teacups. Don't miss it.
~*~ Wendy ~*~
Lynn said…
Hi Tracie,
Years ago when she was working her fist job, there was an antique store at the mall and my daughter bought me a the three footed teacup/saucer you have (6 from the bottom of the three footer page) I have always loved it and never have seen another 3 footer. The third from the bottom, the lovely shaded of roses is just stunning too. You have such a nice collection. Sorry, I know no history about the teacup I received, just love it instantly. Have a beautiful day.
Ricki Treleaven said…
These are so cool. Thanks so much for the link, Tracie! You rock!
Ricki Treleaven said…
Okay, so I have to ask: Which one is your very favorite?
What a beautiful collection Tracie! I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite, they are all so pretty!
Unknown said…
I love all your 3 footed tea cups! My Mom had a dozen of them, I have the only one left (she's been gone 13 years)you have the same one pictured, it has purple violets on it. I love mine!

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