Cottage Flora Thursday’s #5

Cottage Garden Party…Wedding Shower

So this Garden Party is something I’d been planning for since we moved in the house! I finally had a reason to throw a party like this.  I’d been gardening & planning my backyard so that someday I could host graduation, showers & hopefully a wedding someday!   I am really happy how everything turned out & the garden was in it’s “prime” during June 2009.  I added some extra hot pink color that spring knowing the colors of the shower were going to be hot pink & white!


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In the Cottage Kitchen I had the table set up so darling.  We had the cake that matched the invites and all the other little goodies!  Served were assorted tea sandwiches, fruit, green & pasta salads!

 025044045042mcdowell pics9

mcdowell pics8I’ve been collecting mismatched vintage floral plates for just this sort of occasion!

The gift table was set outside on one of the patio’s…it looked so pretty with all of the pastel colors!  I spray painted some twigs hot pink & made a “Wishing Tree” for the bride.  It turned out really cute.  This “Wishing Tree” was the perfect place for people to write their wishes to the bride…& any one who couldn’t make it sent me their words so that I could put those on the tree as well.  mcdowell pics6


The tables were set up so fun with local farmers market flowers with my vase collection that sits on my hutch. With dried rose petals spread on the tables, Fun goodies for the guests to take home were poppy seeds to spread in their own gardens in darling little tins I made! These paper wrapped candles matched the invites that went out. & some were wrapped up for guests to take home as well.


Patio areas were set up to accommodate the overflow of guests…


198Poor little Charlie found a dropped strawberry that had been soaking in champagne.

& of course this bridal bouquet that was made from the ribbon of her packages!176

Hoping to have many more garden parties in my future! xoxo, Tracie

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Your garden is so beautiful you could go into business holding showers and weddings there! Just gorgeous!


Hi Tracie~ Absolutely GORGEOUS garden! Just beautiful! I love the tables set up in your yard and the rock fireplace- wow!! LOVE... I shared my garden table this week- thank you for hosting such a lovely party! :)
Talk about thinking ahead ,what great ideas these are ,also gardens look lovely
Oooh, LOVE your garden!! I've linked my English Country Garden.

I'd love to see you at my English Garden Party on Wednesday 9th next week.

Your garden is beautiful!! I can't wait to see what you will do this spring! And your garden party was absolutely lovely...I love the little pink tree with the sentiments attached and all of your vintage dishes and pretty vases! I think you missed your calling as a stylist!

NanaDiana said…
Tracie- What a beautiful, beautiful setting for a it. I'm sure you got lots of oooohs and aaaaahs that day. Isn't it fun to see a dream like that come to fruition? LOVE it all-especially the walk up to the front of your house. I can't rememeber what part of the country you are from? Hugs-Diana
Julie Marie said…
Oooh Tracie, your garden party looks so beautiful!... how I wish I had been there... love all your hot pink blooms, and your flowered china is so pretty... also love the pink wish tree, what a wonderful idea!... your tables all set up look pretty too and the food looks delish!... how cute little Charlie is napping after finding his champagne strawberry!... I can't wait to see your gardens all in bloom this year!... I didn't have anything in my garden to post this time to your link, I have shown all of mine so many times before... hopefully soon Spring will be here and things will start growing!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I LOVE the pink flowers growing through your front gate!
Alyssa said…
What a beautiful garden party! My husband and I are renknewing our vows in our backyard this summer and I am getting some very nice ideas! SO pretty!!!!! Your dog is too funny ;) BEAUTIFUL! Alyssa of Boston Bee
Unknown said…
Ohhhh Wow Tracie! You have 2 green thumbs! And the shower was beautiful, will you do my three girls showers when they get married?(no prospects as of now). I'm all linked up! Thanks for having us!
Enjoy your day
Donna said…
Tracie..Words just can't express my impressions of this garden party. Oh...Wow! I need to save this in my email folder for future use! Stupendous! Wonderful..I'm stretching my brain trying to come up with something appropriate.

Sigh..just lovely.. Someday, I know we will be neighbors. Tim wants to go home to Issaquah. :o)I suppose we will be retiring in Washington state..and your yard is a perfect example of why. :o)

I've done two weddings so I really love your great ideas..especially the money/note tree. Cute!

awal.ny said…
I can not say enough about how beautiful this post is. The cake is wonderful and the tree in the watering can such a cute idea. AND your gardens, oh I just love them, I am going to be doing a post soon asking for help from gardeners whom I think do an amazing job and you are on that list.
Hi Tracie!
THANK YOU for leaving me a comment this morning...I got so caught up in putting my post together I forgot to link up with you! I have re-posted with the link and I'm 'good to go'. What a beautiful garden you have! I know how much work it takes to get what you have and I am in's just wonderful! Your Bridal shower couldn't have been set in more beautiful surroundings and the food looked just as pretty as your gardens. Have fun looking at gardening magazines and thank you for hosting this blogging garden party!
Maura :)
Red Door Home said…
Looks like we share the same love of pink peonies! I think they are probably my favorite flower. Your garden is stunning and your tablescapes just so pretty.
Love the tree, she will be able to keep the wish notes for ever.
Debra Howard said…
Wow! it is so beautiful. I can definitely see gorgeous parties, weddings, etc. taking place in such a gorgeous garden. I can just imagine sitting in your garden drinking lemonade and listening to the birds sing. What a beautiful place to be.
Debra Howard said…
Hey girl, would it be OK if I grab a picture to make a button and link to your blog party? Really enjoying reading your blog.
Anne said…
What a beautiful garden and party and cake! Your garden is such a perfect setting for a party. And are the poppies in the second photo the ones whose seeds you sent me -- yay!
Your garden is so PRETTY...what a lucky young lady to have a wedding shower that cute tree:) My daughter is having her 1st shower on 4/2...I can't wait for all the parties to get started.

Linda have done a fantastic job with the garden...a perfect spot to have a shower!!thanks for stopping by my bloggy today.
CIELO said…
Oh thank you for bringing me here! Such lovely gardens and cottage! I will have to come back again for more.... I've linked and will be back.

Brenda Pruitt said…
This is truly magical! I put your party on my sidebar yesterday when I added links for weekly parties. And I told myself, when the weather is better and I actually have flowers, I'll link up. I didn't think about past photos! Duh! I'm linking up next week. I TRULY love gardening. Is that a pondless waterfall there?
Julie Marie said…
Hi again Tracie... I didn't have anything in my garden yet to link, so I linked to a post from last year because I wanted to join your party so bad!... hope that's ok!... xoxo Julie Marie
Your gardens look so lovely, it honestly looks much older and established than it is...I loved all your little touches you did for the Bride...poor wittle poochy, I hope he was ok.

Thank you for stopping by to see my bare patch of dirt...We only finished building in May last yr and I have not had much time to work on the gardens yet, but I hope to change that this yr.

I am your newest follower and look forward to being inspired to grow by your lovely photos.

Blessings Kelsie
What a beautiful place you hade here!
I gladly join your gardenparty, everyone are welcome to visit my place. I live in Sweden.
Kathy said…
That's so lovely - you've done a terrific job designing your cottage garden. My husband wanted our daughter to have her wedding in our garden. But, October is not a great time - I just love your gate - and I think our houses are close in color - so cool!
Hope you have a great weekend,
PCovi said…
Ohhh that doggie!
Entertaining is SO fun, isn't it?!
You did a great job designing all this.
Hi There- just stopping back to say thank you for sharing this gorgeous post at Feathered Nest Friday! :)
Gatsbys Gardens said…

I loved the garden party and your garden. Such beauty and color.

Anonymous said…

You have a beautiful home and garden. I can imagine all the love and work that went into creating such a welcoming nest.

Your garden party looks delightful, and I'm sure you will have many more.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Many Blessings to you,
What a beautiful cottage garden! I'm sure the shower was wonderful in that setting. I'm so glad you found me and invited me to the linky party.

My linky party is open for six days each week and goes up on Wednesday nights. I'd love to have you join me each week.

By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

Have a terrific weekend!
Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
Clever clever clever....and so beautiful! Love that cake, love the tree with the tags, love the garden it all!
Ann said…
The cake looks so wonderful and the wishing tree is such a lovely idea.

First time visitor and I'm loving everything in your blog...
I'm a follower now:)
So beautiful - such lovely colour too! That cake looks AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
Your garden and all of the wedding decorations were gorgeous!! I love the wishing tree... what a sweet idea! It must have been a perfect special day. :)
Wanda Lee said…
Where to begin?..,

First of all, what a an utterly charming fabulous wedding, garden celebration extravaganza of exquisiteness!.., I love the cake and the wishing tree especiallly!Hello there once again lovely lady!

~ Re; last Tuesday's tea post also:)

What a delightful post!.., My, I loved the exquisite teacups and delightfully thoughtful package that you sent to dear Terri!

..,I always am so inspired by four fabulous posts!

Thanks so much for sharing AS well as for joining us for TTTT and also for TTFT this past week!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
@ The Plumed Pen/

P.S.~ Sorry that it has taken me quite awhile yet get by for a visit as I have been under the weather', not with a cold or flu, but with anemia and other health concerns)..,Better days ahead!
LovelY Tracie!
great wishing tree idea, i too collect mismatched floral plates that make any occasion [& my own lunches] special ")
the photos really bring us 'there'~ THX!
Jane said…
So very beautiful! I know the bride enjoyed all the details you obviously spent time creating. I love the wish tree...and may use that for my son's rehearsal dinner...
Thanks for sharing the photos of your beautiful gardens.
Jane (artfully graced)
Donnie said…
What gorgeous photos. Thanks so much for sharing.
Linda said…
What a pretty garden you have and the shower looked so wonderful!
This is so, so beautiful...every womans dream yard right in your pictures. I completely agree with the first could make a business out of this. It's really so pretty. I wish I could see it in person.

Cindy Adkins said…
Hi Tracie,
Oh my gosh--what a fabulous celebration and magnificent garden!!!

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