Cottage Flora Thursday’s #6

Garden Cutting’s for Sharing

One of my most favorite things to do with a cottage garden is to make flower bouquet's for others with my flowers from my cutting garden. 


When I first started gardening here at Fishtail Cottage in 2006, I didn’t have anything to share which made me so very sad!  So, I have continued to plant fantastic cutting flowers throughout the garden.  This way if I clip something, it isn’t so noticeable.


Matter of fact, my entire garden is set up to cut flowers from the garden…school teachers and neighbors seem to benefit the most from this fun passion of mine. 


Some of my favorite flowers to combine and share are hydranges, roses, lady’s mantle, babies breath, shasta daisy’s, lilly’s, delphiniums, sunflowers, peonies, coral bells, and columbine…& oh, so many more!


Thanks so much for coming by to Cottage Flora Thursday’s – hoping you will link up a post to share with others!  Please do share this link with others on your post so that they too can come by and this garden party can grow grow grow!!!

xoxo, Tracie


Kathy said…
You have some gorgeous flowers! Love Cottage Gardens - whether Eastern or Western - you can grow some flowers I can't - vice/versa.
Saw a few buds today while the sun was shining! Spring is close at hand.
Hope you have a great week,
nanniepannie said…
Your flowers are lovely and what a wonderful way to share your garden with others by planting so many cutting flowers.
I have always wanted a cutting garden. I wish you lived nearby and could help me make my yard beautiful! I've lost my mojo!
You have given me a lot of ideas as to what to plant this spring. I love cut flowers...Your pictures are so pretty! I hope mine can only looks as good!!

Ann said…
I love flowers and I enjoy taking coffee facing our garden to enjoy the view...

Yours looks so lovely.
Donna said…
Your garden is just pure poetry! How wonderful the way you have grown so much beauty to bless others...and yourself.

My DIL just gave me a Narcissus...and a package of herb seeds..I can't wait to start them. (Birthday present.)

But I'd love to grow the lovely flowers that you do.

No flowers in my yard this week..but the ice on our clover, weeds, pines, and bushes..was amazingly lovely. Unusual amount of ice in our part of the woods in Texas right now. :o)

Thanks for sharing!
How exciting for you spring is on its way ,I can't help but be a little sad that this means winter is on the way here!
Beautiful Garden Images, this is my first time linking to your wonderful party, Thank you so much for hosting! xoxo tami
I tried to email you directly but couldn't find your email address. The link to those gorgeous red wellies is:

They're by an English company called Joules. They are lovely, aren't they?!

NanaDiana said…
Beautiful flowers...Love them and can't wait to see this year's gardens in full bloom! Hugs-Diana
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... oooh, your cottage cutting garden is so gorgeous!... I love all of the old~fashioned flowers you plant, especially your Cosmos... those were my great~grandmothers favorites too, and she is one of my family who I learned so much from about gardening, beginning when I was just a little girl tagging alongside her in her own cottage garden... I also plant Delphiniums in honor of my grandma Delphine... your neighbors are so lucky to receive fresh bouquets from your beautiful garden!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I entered ALL your little critters in my little Tess's doggie bloggie giveaway!
I had to add images from last summer to join the party. My garden is covered in 2 feet of snow right now. I'm craving spring--I'll hang your button on my sidebar, maybe it will arrive sooner!
Cindy said…
Hi Tracie,
You have such a lovely garden! How I long to have one like that, but honestly I don't know enough about flowers and plants to accomplish it. I need someone like you, with your knowledge to live close to me and help. I love flowers!
Hugs, Cindy
I just sat here, scrolled through your pictures and soaked up the beauty of your garden! Beautiful!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is a treat for summer starved eyes. I have been looking at snow for months and months...
I will be back. :)
Beautiful flower photos. Makes me long for spring.
So pretty!
I can't wait for spring!
I get so excited when my flowers start popping up!
Cindy said…
Hi again,
I am in the 3a or 3b zone, not sure exactly which. It is about the same as North Dakota.
Hugs, Cindy
Anonymous said…
So glad you came back and told me about your sweet party!! I linked up and just remembered I need to get a link on my post so better skedaddle!

bee blessed
Just stunning and so inspiring...I can't wait until all the white builders sand is gone and replaced with love garden beds just like yours.

Blessings Kelsie
Joani said…
Lovely flowers. In Arizona it is becoming spring quite quickly. Can't wait to get out there & play in that dirt. Have a great week.
Came back to follow! Come by and link up your party to a blog party directory I created on today's post.
What a beautiful selection of flowers to choose from, difficult decision as to which to cut!
Thanks for popping by to my garden, i'll be sure to visit yours more often. Katherine x
Karen said…
The recipients of your generosity are SO lucky. How wonderful to give flowers from your garden. Your flowers are so beautiful, what a treat to see them!
Beautiful flowers! No better reason to garden than to share your bounty with others...I'm sure they love it!
Tootsie said…
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