Cottage Flora Thursday’s #8

Letting my flowers go to seed…

I just picked up this darling little wooden basket from Michaels to help keep me organized during the season for planting my seeds.  The three dividers keep the seeds in place & I love the garden script & bird on the side & the cute little handles enable me to easily move it needed.  It’s helped create a cute spring décor on my kitchen island.

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123This year, I have picked up little paper bags to store the seeds in prettier packaging.  Now that I am blogging – I think I might have a few that wouldn’t mind a seed or two!  & some little sticker to close the back of the bag….9206

Here are some of my Cosmos seeds I stored to in an envelope last year…(not as pretty huh?) You know those little packets you receive with deliveries or in new shoe boxes? place these in with your seed envelopes to keep the seeds fresh and the moisture at bay. 

Here are some garden seeds I received Bella over at Bellas Rose Cottage (such pretty photo’s of all her flowers & garden) & Diana at Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls (who has a fantastic gardening blog)!

My favorites to allow to seed and return the following year is alyssum, johnny jump ups, cornflowers, cosmos, snapdragon, hellebore's, scabiosa and hollyhock, . , and ladies mantle to go to seed throughout the garden.   I  regrettably have allowed flowers & learned not allow shasta daisy’s, black eyed susan and tasmanian tiger, astilbe because I am overwhelmed with new starts that showed up the following year and can be just too much work.  Cutting the flowers back before they are done blooming is what I have learned to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post & will save your seeds too this year…later in the season when I am ready to harvest I will show you just how I do so!

xoxo, Tracie

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Sometimes its unavoidable to not buy your garden favorite seeds.  Even though my Alyssum does reseed – I never seem to have enough of it in the garden.  It’s one of my favorite fillers & could never be invasive.  If I don’t like it somewhere, I can just pull it out & replant it somewhere. 


Pamela said…
I just love that box, I will have to build myself one as I live 80 miles from the nearest Michaels. I will be sure and link up tomorrow, I am working on a short post about getting in my English Delphineums seeds from New Zealand. I LOVE my English Delphs! I also want to check out the link to that garden blog. Thanks!
NanaDiana said…
Cute box...AND it has a purpose! I always collected seeds too and a couple of years ago lost all that I had collected when water got into the storage area..and I didn't have them in a safe place..UGH!

I need to get out this Spring and really move a lot of stuff around because my front garden is OVERFLOWING ..and with some of the flowers that you mentioned...except astilbe...we have a hard time getting that to flourish here. Hugs- Diana
Marie said…
Hi Tracie - I did it! I finally was able to join your "cottage flora thursdays" and real excited about being the first one this week.

Love the way you do your nostalgic, and guess what, I have the same box, except mine says "bloom". Happy Thursday!
Hi Tracie,
love the post. I too am a faithful seed gatherer. Hope you had a great trip!
PS. Love the seed box too!
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, I ADORE that little seed packet holder..and I loved what you wrote about saving and sharing seeds. What a lovely idea! I have all kinds of wildflowers on my property and would be happy to send you some.

I've got a paperbag with seeds from my friend who is a master gardener that I plan to plant this year.

Do you know we live in 'wildflower' heaven here in South Central Texas. We are famous for our bluebonnets of course, but also indian blankets, black eyes susans and many more. :o)

We are blooming like crazy at our place and hubby is bringing home bedding plants and bushes for my 'weekly flowers'. :o) Great idea right?!

Bekah and I are working our flowerbeds and getting them ready for planting.

Ahhh..I love spring! (Trying not to be too jealous of that darling box! And labels..what a sweet idea. :O)

Donna @ Comin' Home
Very cute box and I like those small paper bag. I can't wait to see your garden this coming spring.
Anonymous said…
I am new follower visiting from Art @ Home(Ricki).
I'm excited about spring planting, I will be trying raised beds this year.
Anne said…
I love the garden box and the way you're packaging your seeds in those sweet vellum envelopes! Its also fun to read about the flowers that reseed in your garden... allysum, nasturtiums, nigella, and scabiosa do that in mine too. Have you ever tried Virginia Stock? Just scatter the seeds, they come up quickly and are iike very tiny pink, blue, and cream cosmos...
Unknown said…
Hi Tracie, Thanks again for hosting this lovely party. I do have a question that you might be able to answer. Is it okay to keep your seeds in the refrigerator? I was told to do this but dont know if it is correct!
Nice seed box.
Thanks in advance,
I am planting lots of re-seeders this year and look forward to the day when I have to weed out the extras :)

I also look forward to reading your tips on how to save seeds...I purchased some heritage veggie seeds this year and hope to start saving them for future crops...Great tip on the little shoe saches, going to start saving them from now on.

Alyssums are my favorite fillers too...I also can never get enough Forget-me-nots.

Blessings Kelsie
Burlap Luxe said…
Hi Tracie,
Love the seeds you gather, as you plant them I then paint them :)

Waiting for the roses to take off with beautiful blooms.

Thank you for growing beauty over here :)

Burlap Luxe said…
Love the box, there is just something about a seed box that just tugs at every inch of me!
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your little tray full of seeds is so cute!... I love to let many of my flowers reseed themselves too... and alyssum is one of my all time favorites!... xoxo Julie Marie

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