Little touches to the den…

So it’s the little things, the special touches that make us love our rooms.  These rooms become “our sanctuary”, “our corner”, “the spot” we escape to when we want to surround ourselves in what we feel is beautiful! 

Right now, that “place” in my home is our cottage den.  This room has been my main focus of decorating since November 2010. It is still what I call “my work in progress”.  And as I find new additions, perfect enough to contribute to the beauty I feel when I am in this room, I feel more and more closer to the end of my project.

Today I added a few sweet touches to my den..take a peek at what I did!


So to organize my “cluttered” baskets” I found these darling wooden chalkboard tags at  “World Market”     ($1. for a set of 2)… I found a floral print that I liked well enough and created a computer label for each basket…then used a craft magnet that had one sticky side that was strong enough to hold the tag in place.  Then I roughed them up a bit with sandpaper to add the “distressed” look to these little beauties.  I really love the burlap string that came with the tag – just adds a bit of rustic character! Also, ties into the other burlap touches in the room.


I purchased these frames a while back, but their windows, have sat empty on my desk…I’ve thought of what to put in there, family portraits, pet portraits etc.  But as I was looking for a good floral print for my basket tags – I came across these darling bird prints –

068059Even though they have a watermark due to copy write purposes…I still love them for what I wanted to do with them.  Since I am not reselling them, I think they are okay to print…I believe the watermark adds character as well.  It gives my den a little romantic color & is so lovely sitting here on my desk.  060







And another cute little touch are these galvanized flowers that will do the trick until spring arrives for me to cut some fresh pretty flowers from my garden.  067These I found at Ben Franklin for $1.00 a piece….they give my little jars a some wimsy sweetness they didn’t have before! 045


Glad you stopped by for a peek – I’m very excited to share the progress with you! Hope you all had a great weekend!

xoxo, Tracie

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Heaven's Walk said…
Cute ideas, Tracie! Love those little wooden tags! But then again...I've been kinda tag-crazy lately! lol! What fun it is to find something that makes our heart sing for so cheap! :)

xoxo laurie
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie, your den is so beautiful and cozy!... I love all of your special little touches, and you are right, the little extra touches are what make it so sweet... your birdies look great in those frames, and I love, love love the little tags you made for your baskets!!!... it's nice to have a little sanctuary like you have created to escape to and daydream... perhaps about Spring and our gardens!... thanks for visiting with me tonight and your sweet comments about my little stray dog... xoxo Julie Marie
Tracie, such cute tags and I love the metal frames.
Snap said…
Tracie, wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing some of your cottage den with us.
All the additions are beautiful, love the bird pictures.
Love these little touches...I am just starting on my work space, but am looking forward to the getting the bulk organized so then I can start decorating...yay

Thank you for sharing
Hi Tracie,
I just posted my three legged tea cups for you..
I love all your new touches to your den. I have not heard of Ben Franklin's for years..I use to shop there all the time! Our Ben Franklin's went out of business many, many years ago.
Enjoy the tea cup post and have a sweet day,
Big hugs, Elizabeth
Naturally Carol said…
You've really put a lot of love into your decorating touches here. I love the tags particularly.
Jill Harrison said…
what beautiful touches you have made - just lovely. Your cottage looks a picture.
Love all of your pretty! My favs...the bird prints in the galvanized frames...unique! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie
I love all the galvanized touches. I bring my big watering cans inside to decorate with I love them that much.
Kelly said…
Who knew metal could be so gorgeous! I love what you've done here. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for some galvanized metal items to put here and there! I found you through Make It 4 Monday. I'm following you!

Come see me!

michelle said…
I love the little tags Tracie, you did a wonderful job! The frames are so pretty and love the pictures your chose and the flowers are perfect! Great finds and they look so pretty in your room. :)
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Cure, cute, cute ideas. I love those little tags and the framed birds too. It will be fun to see what the whole room looks like when you are done. Hugs- Diana
NanaDiana said…
Tracie- Just a suggestion...would you consider taking word verification off? Yours takes a moment to pop up/and off and I think I have missed leaving comments a couple of times by Xing out too early. Blogger does a really good job of screening out Spam without the verifier. Hugs- Diana
Sweet ideas! Love the bird prints in your frames, so pretty!
NanaDiana said…
Just checking to see if the tutorial link worked...
NanaDiana said…
YEAAHHHH! It worked! Hugs- Diana
Christine said…
Love the frames, love the birds, love them's unexpected. Nice work
Honey at 2805 said…
Great ideas! These clever touches make it all special.
The frames are lovely and the bottle carrier and baskets are perfect. They look wonderful. Great display. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty
Ummm, some of my favorite things - wire baskets, birds, and flowers. You're so's the "little touches" that make a house a home. ;)

Thanks for joining the party. Would love to have you join us each week.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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