What is blooming or at least showing some much needed color here in Fishtail Cottage Garden this week?
Not much, but so exciting to see some color when you look really hard!  I still have a ton of bulbs that are still only showing the green, and no flower quite yet.  I know have such a show that will explode soon (I hope?).  Like I’ve said before, I try to visit local nurseries and add to my garden what I see that is blooming so that I have something going on in the garden every week.
Seems that everyone is showing their beautifully blooming Hellebores' over the past couple weeks….Somewhat laughing at mine because I cut them way back last fall – which was a big “oops!”. Guess they need the photosynthesis on the old leaves in order to look fantastic the following bloom season.  Apparently, I was supposed to cut the old growth when it began showing new growth.  Lesson Learned, but still pretty!
Ivory Prince – This one begins to get it’s new leaves in late winter with rich burgundy pink buds.  They open to reveal ivory blossoms.  Petals are streaked with rose and an overlay of chartreuse as they age.  This one is my favorite (so far) of all the hellebores as it stands out with a vintage looking display against what is supposed to have blue green foliage…
This one is called pink lady – she reaches taller than the Ivory Prince.  about 14” tall.  Blooms with  soft and rippled petals. I would say the color is more like a bubblegum pink with dark veins. 
Christmas Rose Hellebore has more of a tooth like shape white flower and has specks of purple spots along where the stamen is located.  the leaves of this plant are chartreuse green – just so pretty to see in the winter garden.
117A few of my hellebore’s have self sewn in the garden and have looked like this for almost two years – I assume they will bloom next year.

Euphorbia ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ is a variegated evergreen in my yard.  It can withstand the areas of my garden that don’t get as much rain as other areas. Yet still requires full sun.  Grow about 3ft tall and wide and is not a fussy plant.  I plan to plant more of these in my garden this year.  After the head of the flower (brighter white part) dies back, you just snip it off! Be careful of the gooey stuff that oozes from this plant (always wear gloves) because it may give a serious skin reaction and you will forever be allergic and will never be able to garden around Euphorbia again.

The reliable old poppy anemone – one of my cottage garden favorites!  Pokes out w/a beautiful green foliage and colorful flowers wherever they are planted! Such a happy little plant!
New growth is starting on my Huchera’s, see the brighter color in the center? I have so many varieties of this beautiful plant in my garden – I’ll do a whole post on these sweet babies in the summertime!  They attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies like you wouldn’t believe!
Of course the reliable crocus brings spring life to the garden!  I planted white, yellow’s and need to get purple ones planted too.  Just so pretty to plant throughout the garden! Of course it’s cloudy here today which is why they are closed up in the pictures I’ve shared.
On of my favorites are the Johnny Jump Ups – show pops of color – everywhere you look! 094
That is all for today – Thanks for visiting me today!
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xoxo, Tracie


Scrappy Grams said…
No blooming here yet. I guess I need to plant some bulbs so I can have more spring blooming. Warm days wished for you and your plants.
Ricki Treleaven said…
I have some camellias and pansies blooming right now. That's about all in my yard, oh! and some magnolias.

Your hellebores are so pretty! :D
Marie said…
Hi Tracie - Looks like your garden is starting to have the prettiest blooms! I can't wait to see them fully bloomed, I'm sure it's amazing! Happy Thursday and so glad that you are still hosting this fun party this week.
So Pretty and LOVE all those smiling faces...I have no signs of flowers in MY Yard YET. It is still snow covered. ALTHOUGH we have been getting lots of rain and some good 60degree temps to help melt the white stuff...
Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring awakening... LOVE IT!
Hugs, Donna
Becca's Dirt said…
I love your hellebores. I don't have any but really need to add them to my gardens. Love those johnny jump ups too. Did you grow them from seed?
Alison said…
I have lots of Heucheras that are starting to show their new foliage at the base too. I wonder when it will be OK to cut the old foliage off? Like you with your Hellebores, I'm worried that they may still need that old foliage for a while. Not all of it is old and tatty, but the color has faded.

I don't usually like Euphorbias, but I do like your Tasmanian Tiger. I might have to look for that one.
NanaDiana said…
How wonderful to see some blooms. I wish I had some to share. Right now I am still developing icicles! UGH...and they grow DOWN instead of up. Hugs-Diana
LOVE that chartreuse hellebores... I have a few of those but have trouble putting them in shady spots that can be seen at the is time of year. One of the problems with not venturing outside during the colder days of winter is that you miss some of these early bloomers unless they're by the back door! :)

I keep meaning to plant some crocus bulbs every fall but alas... I missed another year!

awal.ny said…
Beautiful plants. I have never really linked to an older post before but I since you always ask so nicely I did for you. It is still very cold and wet. Now that the snow is gone-hopefully for good, I will be able to walk through my gardens thinking of all the fun I will have this year. Have a great day.
Hello Tracie
Thank you for inviting me to join your floral party.
We're still under a fair bit of snow but with St. Paddy's day coming up, I just did my gardening column on shamrocks. I place the pot outside by the back door to admire them.
I am envious of all the flowers you have in your garden - give me a few weeks and something's bound to push through.
Donna said…
These are so pretty Tracie! I'm so impressed that you know all the names of your flowers. I'll have to start paying better attention. :o)

BTW, that purple leafed bush that I told you I didn't know the name of is blooming now with big fuschia stars. Still puzzled...I'm going to hunt on the internet again today.

Donna @ Comin' Home
Unknown said…
Dear Tracie, Arrived home too late today to arrive at your lovely party. I will make sure I dont miss next Thursday. We are going to have 3 days of rain and expect to have lots of flooding. My grass is still under snow and what I can see is so mushy! Yuck..
Your plants are beautiful. I'm going to look at them enlarged. How happy we are when in a garden..
Have a great evening!
Betty said…
They all look so beautiful. I can't wait to see life in our yard soon.
Naturally Carol said…
The earth is awakening from it's slumber..bit by bit it's getting warmer for you...lovely to see!
Darla said…
Most of my lessons learned in the garden orignate from an 'oops' too.
This is my firs time linking up here...
following you back...very pretty blog design..
Awwww...aren't those blooms sweet! The only hint of spring in our area is the sighting of a robin and the melting snow that still covers much of the garden. Thanks for the invite...hope to join on another day! Enjoy your week end.

Are those pictures of your garden in the heading? Just gorgeous! I'd love it if you visited Brambly and checked out the page devoted to the garden-I would love to hear what you think. Take care!

Debra Howard said…
Wow! It looks like you have quite a few things blooming. Those hellebores are so beautiful. Thinking I need some of those. I will have to put them on my list.
Victoria said…
Wow!! Your flowers and blooms are super gorgoeus! Fabulous photos...a dazzling array you have! What a treat for me to see! we are still covered in snow here in I long for spring!

I love your garden blog party and I look forward to playing more ..hope you don't mind old pictures..till my garden awakens once again!
Have a sparkling wkd and thanks for the beauty you share!
Lovely post!
Thanks for following, am following you back :)
Thank you so much for visiting Brambly and becoming a follower.I'm so excited to see you have a garden link party. I'm following you now-I can't wait to see you garden spring to life. Take care.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting Rustic & Rusty. I enjoyed checking out yours also, such nice pics of bloomiing flowers. Nothing blooming here yet. Till then I really enjoy seeing other's flowers.
HolleyGarden said…
Thanks for coming by my blog. I am now following you. Interesting information on the euphorbia.
Julie Marie said…
Hi Tracie... love all your blooms, especially your johnny~jump~ups!... I still have nothing in my garden, we got almost 10 inches of snow several days ago so my garden was buried once again... I did notice today my white Bleeding Hearts are getting a teeny bit green down inside the soil... I can hardly wait!... xoxo Julie Marie
I'm so excited this year to have my very first hellebore blooming its little heart out in our garden. Not a patch on your glorious images, but it made me so proud!

Fantastic bulbs blooming at your place.
Joyce M

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