Cottage Flora Thursday’s #13

Welcome to Cottage Flora Thursday’s #13. Please link a garden post (new or old) to this Garden Party…

I hope you enjoy looking at one another's gardens and floral ideas in the landscape & please do invite your friends (always looking for new gardeners to join in)! I do ask that you view and comment on other posts submitted by Fishtail Cottage followers & if you are not already a follower of my blog – please do so you can be reminded to join in again next week!!!
xoxo, ~tracie


Another 6 weeks and we may be able to dig in the dirt here!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week! :-)

i am looking forward to gardening soon~this weekI found a few lavender plants at the store... so excited to start gardening!!! Thanks for hosting!! :)
Gypsea Nurse said…
Hey there... I did it.. but used Crickets photo's!! Ahh.. she will kill me....
Now tell me if I am right or wrong after you read Tattered's post!
Smiles and thanks!
nanniepannie said…
Hi there. Thanks for hosting. Hope you don't mind, I linked to recent post to your party. I was cold and rainy here today...couldn't get my garden fix.
Donna said…
Hi Tracie, I've been so busy..with grandkids..but since we went to a lovely park last week, I ended up with lovely photos of all the pretty things they found. The pines are so tall in our area!

I love your tulips (clearance ones)! We've been stocking up to. Great price for beauty!

Thanks so much for hosting your lovely garden party. :o)

I'm off to visit a bit.

Autumn Belle said…
Thank you very much for hosting Cottage Flora Thursday. I look forward to participating every week!
LindyLouMac said…
Will be back later to link up, as today I will be posting my monthly garden post, then I will hop around and say hi to everyone else.
stefanie said…
whew, today is going to be 81 degrees...I hope it doesnt get hot to fast!!!! thanks for hosting!
NanaDiana said…
You can't begin to imagine how wonderful it is for those of us that live in the Frozen Tundra to look at, and enjoy vicariously, other people's gardens this time of year. LOVE this idea that you had here! xxoo Diana
Thanks for hosting the party, Tracie! And for linking to my party at the cottage, as well. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
Marie said…
Hi Tracie - You are so sweet for reading about my home's feature in Romantic Country. I am so excited to see it. I was only sent the proof of the article but not the magazine itself. So I don't even know where our feature is in the magazine. I know I didn't make cover though, but it's still fun to be featured. Thanks for sharing the news with me.
well i thought i was doing this link right but alas it wasnt right maybe you can help me to figure how to do the linky thing thank you xoxo sherri
Alyssa said…
Thanks for hosting and yes, would love to do a seed exchange! We're expecting snow and then in the 60's! Only in New England! Alyssa ;)
Olga Poltava said…
Hi! I'm gladly joining your link party. Thank you for hosting it!
Yippee, today's my first time to join in for the party!! thanks for the fun flower day!!
Red Door Home said…
It is so nice ot know flowers and plants are growing somewhere! We still have snow and are getting ready for more tomorrow.
Sharon Lovejoy said…

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island
Thank You for stopping by today. I linked up to Cottage Flora Thursday's hopefully im not too late. Thank You for hosting a funn garden party today....Julian
Mary said…
What a great idea~ they are the first signs of spring & always make me happy to see! Thanks for the invitation & for hosting :-)
Unknown said…
Can't wait to join in one of your parties......things are starting to show wonderful signs of life, so maybe soon. Thanks for stopping by...hope you come again.

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