Letting my flowers go to seed…

I just picked up this darling little wooden basket from Michaels to help keep me organized during the season for planting my seeds. The three dividers keep the seeds in place & I love the garden script & bird on the side & the cute little handles enable me to easily move it needed. It’s helped create a cute spring décor on my kitchen island.




This year, I have picked up little paper bags to store the seeds in prettier packaging. Now that I am blogging – I think I might have a few that wouldn’t mind a seed or two! & some little sticker to close the back of the bag….123


Here are some of my Cosmos seeds I stored to in an envelope last year…(not as pretty huh?) You know those little packets you receive with deliveries or in new shoe boxes? place these in with your seed envelopes to keep the seeds fresh and the moisture at bay.


Here are some garden seeds I received Bella over at Bellas Rose Cottage (such pretty photo’s of all her flowers & garden) & Diana at Kebun Malay-Kadazan Girls (who has a fantastic gardening blog)!


My favorites to allow to seed and return the following year is alyssum, johnny jump ups, cornflowers, cosmos, snapdragon, hellebore's, scabiosa and hollyhock, . , and ladies mantle to go to seed throughout the garden. I regrettably have allowed flowers & learned not allow shasta daisy’s, black eyed susan and tasmanian tiger, astilbe because I am overwhelmed with new starts that showed up the following year and can be just too much work. Cutting the flowers back before they are done blooming is what I have learned to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post & will save your seeds too this year…later in the season when I am ready to harvest I will show you just how I do so.

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I picked up the basket with a handle that said "Blossom"! Love it!
Ann said…
Nice basket...
way to go to get organized ♥
I like your idea of using the little packets to keep the seeds fresh. I usually have some left over and I like to collect seeds from some of my plants for the following year.

Love that little container! Happy Sunday!

KathyB. said…
I never thought of that, those little packets to keep the seeds from mildewing. Thank-you! Great organizational idea too.
Love the little seed saver envelopes & the tip on those little packs to absorb moisture, good idea! I too have bill envelopes filled with seeds each year, not very attractive:)
Happy Sunday Tracie!
Marguerite said…
What a fantastic idea. Right now my seeds are pouring out from every corner it seems and it's become quite a mess. One single box to organize them all would be great and I liked the small envelopes you used too. Some of my seeds are in stationary envelopes and brown bags. Typing this I'm realizing what a mess I have on my hands! This post came at the right time.
Verde Farm said…
Love the basket and great idea about the little silicon packages. I had some seeds that got too much moisture too-now I can fix that problem moving forward :)
Unknown said…
Very pretty! I am looking forward to your tutorial on how to harvest the seeds. Still too cold her to plant :(
When our garden is cleared out (soon, I hope!) I will be posting on Flora Thursdays here!
Gypsy Fish said…
I can't wait to plant flowers you just reminded me of some of my favs. I noticed today that my lilacs are showing a little green...they're always the first to the party and smell so sweet. thanks so much for coming to Silver Sunday....
Darla said…
Cute basket...I collect my seeds as well...saves money!
I love your new seed holder. I keep mine in a box with hearts printed on it. I think it was beautiful when I first chose it but it's looking a bit worn now. I might have to upgrade!!!


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